Privacy Policy of Human LLC. and

Valid from 25.03.2019.

This Privacy Policy (hereinafter also as Principles) describes the following:

  • what personal data (hereinafter as data) Human L.L.C (hereinafter as Human) collects and processes regarding offering its services and products, including offering its services and products via its websites and;
  • how Human uses and collects its customers data;
  • what measures Human takes to guarantee safety and integrity of its customers data.

When and for Who These Principles Apply?

Principles apply when you use or have used our services, products or websites at and (hereinafter as website) or we have registered your interest in our services and products and thus have become aware of your data (for example contact details). These Principles serve as an informative material and are not part of any contract concluded with Human.

How Do We Process Our Customers Data?

Our customers data are processed in accordance with these Principles, EU General Data Protection Regulation and Estonian legal acts that Human is obliged to follow in its business.

Data Controller:

Human L.L.C.
Address: Taevasmaa tee 17, 75320 Aruvalla, Rae County, Harjumaa, Estonia
Registry code: 12495946

What are Personal Data and what Data are We Processing?

Personal data (data) are data that is directly or indirectly associated with you as a natural person. Human collects the following data:

1. In order to provide you a service or sell products we ask you to submit the following data:
For providing of the services or for sale of the products Human asks you to submit the following data:

  • Full name (given name and last name) or in case of a legal person, the name of its representative and contact person;
  • Personal code or in case of a legal person, registry code;
  • Address;
  • Contact details (phone number, e-mail).

2. To provide you a service, sell products or send our online shop offers, we are also retaining and processing the following data:

  • Data listed in clause 1;
  • Data that is needed for login and authentication (for instance IP-address, cookies);
  • Correspondence between you and Human;
  • Information about usage of the services provided by Human and regarding participation of the Art of Conscious Change courses (for instance which course(s) have you taken previously);
  • Statistical demographic data (for instance age, gender, profession);
  • Necessary data for the delivery of the products (for instance suitable parcel shop, delivery address);
  • Necessary data for the transfer of the payment (for instance bank details);
  • Other relevant data (for instance data related with pending orders and items added to the bag, payment details etc).

3. We are collecting and using the following data related to our home page and online shop offers:

  • Data about usage of our online shop and home page and data about usage of its services and functionalities as well as information gathered by the use cookies;
  • Data for personalising content and advertisements;
  • Data for offering social media functions;
  • Data about the customer that has been published in public databases or in the Internet (for instance data about the customer’ interests, data provided by Google Analytics or Facebook).

4. Related to the providing and developing of the service Ask Ingvar that is provided via the web page, we are collecting and processing the following data:

  • First and last name of the customer;
  • E-mail address of the customer;
  • Question itself, i.e. the text has been submitted by the customer, except for the very personal and sensitive information (for instance health related data).

Prerequisite for using the Ask Ingvar service is providing the referred data by the customer and without that data providing of the service is not possible. More detailed information can be found at the web page We are also recording and processing the data provided by the customer in their feedback form as well as audio and video materials of our different events (for instance recordings of the Human’ courses and lectures). More detailed information can be found in the course materials handed out to the participants.

What are the Purposes and Legal Basis for Data Processing?
Human is processing data for the following purposes and under the following legal basis:
1. Under servicing an agreement:

  • For servicing an agreement that has been concluded for providing services and products;
  • For managing customer relationship;
  • For providing access to services and products, including via online shop and our home page.

2. Under our legal interest:

  • For providing quality of the services and products;
  • For asserting transactions and customer correspondence as well as for exercising Human’ rights (including for collecting a debt);
  • For offering extra services;
  • For marketing analysis (for instance finding out the needs and preferences of our customers and home page users);
  • For carrying out customer satisfaction surveys and composing statistics;
  • For issuing certificates of the participation of the Art of Conscious Change courses and for forwarding data;
  • For home page and online shop offers.

3. Under an obligation arising from the law:

  • For instance for bookkeeping and for forwarding data for the justified public institutions.

The Use of Authorized Data Processors

We are entitled to authorize data processing to our contractual partners (for instance to the trainers of the Art of Conscious Change courses). Our contractual partners are processing data for the same purposes as we are, by following our guidelines and within the limitations agreed upon in the contract concluded between us.

Should you be interested in more detailed information on our authorized data processors, please get in contact at the email address [email protected]

Measures Taken to Ensure Data Protection and Confidentiality?

We ensure that all collected data are confidential and protected. Additionally, we ensure that Human does not forward, sell nor publish data to third parties without legal basis (legal basis can be your consent or if an obligation to forward or publish data arises from the law).
We ensure correctness and security of the processed data.
Please be aware that you are also responsible for the correctness of the data you publish.
Home page may contain links to the web pages and services of third parties. Those web pages and services have different privacy policy. Human is not responsible for the data processing related to third parties’ privacy policy or activity. We recommend you to get acquainted with the third party’ privacy policy before you start using their web page or service.

What Measures You Have to Take to Ensure that Your Data are Protected?

To ensure security of data, our home page and online shop has to be used diligently and by using secured devices.
You have to ensure confidentiality and safety of the user credentials of your device, our home page and online shop.
Please be aware and take into account that we are unable to provide data security nor are we responsible for the possible negative consequences if the data are not protected because you have not followed the referred requirements.

Do We Transmit Data Outside the European Union?
Most of the data processing takes place within the European Union, but in come cases the data are transmitted and processed (processing also includes saving of the data) to non-EU countries.
Should you be interested in more detailed information, please get in contact at the email address [email protected]

How are Your Contact Details Used for Marketing Purposes?
If we have received your contact details due to having provided you our services or sold products, unless you have explicitly stated otherwise, we are allowed to send you offers by mail or via e-mail. On behalf of our carefully selected collaboration partners (for instance NGO Lilleoru), we are also allowed to send you offers on the services and products provided by them and that are similar to these provided or sold by us. Our partner shall not receive your data, unless you have explicitly expressed your interest in their product or service.

How Can I Unsubscribe from the Offers?

You are entitled to get in contact with us any time should you want to unsubscribe from our offers. You can do so by clicking “Unsubscribe” (this option has been added to our newsletters or offers) or by sending us an e-mail at [email protected]
Should there be a need to get in contact with you regarding our services or products, please be aware that in such case we have the right to get in contact with you. We also have the right to send you feedback questionnaires in order to improve the quality of our services and products.

What are Cookies and How are We Using Them?

In order to provide proper functioning of the home page, small files (so called cookies) are saved by the web page to the user’ devices.
Cookie is a small text file that is saved in the user’ computer or mobile device if the user visits the service provider’ web page. Cookie enables the web page to remember user’ activities and preferences (for instance username, language, text size and other similar preferences) for a certain period of time. This way the user is not requested to insert such details when returning to the web page or browsing it.
Legal basis for using cookies is our justified interest to provide technical functionalities of the home page according to the user’ selections and preferences.
Cookies are usually valid for a short period of time (for a day, week or month), but in some cases they may be valid up to a year.
We can use cookies and other similar means to provide a service and to improve its quality and user experience. Cookies can also be used by third parties whose services are used by us.

Cookies are used for several reasons:

  • For personalizing content and advertisements
  • For providing social media functions
  • For analyzing usage of home pages.

We are also allowed to provide information to our social media, advertisement and analysis partners on how the home page is used. Using these cookies is not necessarily needed for the functioning of the home page, but does provide better browsing experience.

Cookies can either be deleted or blocked, but in these cases the home page may not be functioning the way intended. Cookies help us to provide our services and products in a better and more personalized way.

How Can I Check Usage of the Cookies?

User can check cookies and/or delete according to their own preference (for more information please see User can delete all cookies in their computer and decline cookies at all times by changing settings of their browser (if this is enabled by the browser) or by ceasing usage of the home page.
Please be aware that certain functionalities of the home page can only be used when cookies are enabled. Should you decline cookies, these functionalities may not be available to you.

You can decline cookies in your browser or by visiting web sites:


What is Google Analytics and How Do We Use it?
Human is permitted to use Google Analytics, a web analytics service offered by Google, Inc. (1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA; „Google”).

Google Analytics uses cookies to analyze how user uses the home page.

Information gathered by cookies on how the home page is used is usually forwarded to and recorded in the Google server, located in the U.S.

As we have activated IP-address anonymization, Google shortens the user’ IP-address (applied to member states of the EU and of the European Economic Area).

At the request of the home page provider and to analyze users’ activities as well as draft reports on the activities there, Google analyzes gathered information.

As mentioned above, the user can decline saving the cookies to their computer through respective browser settings, but in that case the user cannot fully use all the home page’ functionalities.

The user can forbid saving their data by Google Analytics at all times. To do so the user must download and install respective browser feature from:

What are Facebook’ Modules?

Facebook’ extra modules “Like” and “Share” may be integrated in the home page (1601 S. California Avenue, Palo Alto, CA 94304, USA). To get an overview of the Facebook’ extra modules, please visit Facebook’ home page:

If the user visits the home page, direct connection is established between the user’ browser and Facebook’ server by using the extra modules that inform Facebook that the user has access to our home page from their IP-address. If the user has signed in to Facebook and presses either “Like or “Share”, the user can link the content of the home page to their Facebook profile, which enables Facebook to reflect specific usage on the user’ wall.

We do not receive any information from Facebook about transmitted data or how it is used. More detailed information about it can be found in Facebook’ privacy policy, available at:

The user must log out of Facebook, should they not wish that visiting of the service provider page is shown on their Facebook account.

What, How and Why are Retained as Logs?

The server that hosts our home page may retain queries that the user sends to the server (information such as web address, the browser and the device that are used, IP-address, time of the access may be recorded). Respective data is solely used for technical purposes in order to ensure functioning of the home page and its security and to discover security incidents.

How Can You Get Acquainted with Your Data and Submit Requests Regarding it?

You have the option to receive more detailed information about your data by notifying us at the email address [email protected] or through your e-shop account.

If your data has changed or incorrect, you are obliged to notify us at [email protected] or correct the data at the e-shop.

We are entitled to answer to your requests within 30 days after having received the request.

What are Your Rights Concerning Your Personal Data?
You have the following rights concerning your personal data:

  • Right to get acquainted with your data.
  • You have the right to get acquainted with your data that we use at all times.
  • Right to correct your personal data. If you have discovered incorrect data about yourself or your data has changed, you can always correct your data at the online shop or by contacting us at [email protected]
  • Right to be forgotten. Under certain circumstances, for example when your data is processed under your acceptance or justified interest, you have to right to request deletion of your data. Complete deletion of your data is not possible if the data is also used for other purposes which either under an agreement or due to legislation do not permit deletion of the data (for example Accounting Act obliges us to retain agreements and invoices for 7 years).
  • Complete deletion of data cannot be required before an order at the online shop has been filled or the period to submit a claim has passed as in these cases we need to process your data to fill your order.
  • Right to file objections. You have the right to file objections regarding your data processing that is performed under justified interest. In that case, processing of your data shall be ceased if possible.
  • Right to restrict processing of your data. You have the possibility to restrict your data processing in the following cases by notifying us: to verify the correctness of your personal data if you have questioned their correctness; to fixate an illegal data processing; you need the data to draft, submit or defend a legal claim; you file an objection in order to verify if your data is being processed under a justified interest and want to restrict processing of your data until the decision has been reached.
  • Right to turn to us, our supervisory body or court should you want to get additional information regarding use of your data. Should you feel that your privacy rights have been violated, you may turn to Data Protection Inspectorate.

How Long are Your Data Retained?

We retain your data for as long as it is necessary for achieving the data processing purposes described herein or required by law (for example Accounting Act obliges us to retain agreements and invoices for 7 years).

To receive more detailed information about data retention deadlines, please contact us at the email address [email protected]

How do We Amend Our Privacy Policy?

Valid Privacy Policy is accessible at Human’ web page and
Human is entitled to amend the Privacy Policy at all times without prior notification or by notifying for example via email or at the home page. To stay up to date with the amendments, we recommend to get familiar with the Privacy Policy regularly.

Contact Us!
Should you want to receive more detailed information about how your data is processed, please contact us at [email protected] We will reply to you within 30 days.