Mastering Your Emotions

In his new book, Practical Consciousness: Freeing Yourself from Emotional Addiction to Live a More Joyful Life, Ingvar Villido shares a life-changing secret. Disturbing emotions are NOT permanent residents inside you. He has found a way to free yourself from them, quickly and easily. Using the simple techniques in this book, you can begin removing them for good, starting today.

Emotions themselves are not the enemy. It’s how you use them and how they influence you without your awareness that create suffering. Ingvar provides the solution to this dilemma and guides you to release negative emotions’ energies and become free of their effects. This raises the quality of your life, giving you newfound freedom.

In this book, you will discover:

  • Where emotions originate in your body.
  • How to release disturbing emotions quickly and smoothly.
  • How to remove hidden emotions that sap your energy.
  • How to quiet “inner chatter” with a simple five-second technique.
  • How to recognize your true self, a genuinely life-changing experience.
  • Much more.

What People Are Saying About Practical Consciousness


There is no better Master than Ingvar to show us the way.

Gunter Pauli, Professor and author of The Blue Economy

A practical way to help you awaken to consciousness. See how far these great techniques can take you towards awakening.

Jonathan Robinson, Author of Find Happiness Now

Ingvar is not only a very creative original thinker, but a personal friend and a highly respected spiritual leader within the Global Ecovillage Network. This book will inspire many searching souls to take the next step.

Ross Jackson, Ph.D., Chairman, Gaia Trust, Denmark and 
author of Occupy World Street

This deeply insightful and pragmatic book is a treasure trove for seekers and finders. Wake up to recognizing and transcending known and unknown emotional captivity!

Patti Levin, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist

Ingvar has taken on a vital topic: our paleolithic emotions and how to understand them in the modern age. Emotions act like filters through which we experience our lives and this book gives you practical steps to understand your emotional responses and create a better quality of life.

Eric Edmeades, Founder of WILDFIT

Ingvar Villido is a steady helmsman, gently teaching us how to guide ourselves, sharing new tools and rare, exceptional wisdom.

Albert Bates, Author of Burn: Igniting a New Carbon Economy to End the Climate Crisis

Emotional struggles affect everyone, especially my patients. We are physically healthier when we’re emotionally well. This book gives specific ways to achieve this.

Margus Viigimaa, M.D., Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine

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Packed with specific, effective techniques, the secrets of Practical Consciousness will release you from the tyranny of disturbing emotions, and transform your life from the inside out.

Available in Paperback, Kindle and Audiobook

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Ingvar Villido is a spiritual teacher and yogi born in Estonia, where he lives today. Since 1992, he has taught the practical uses of consciousness. Thousands of people have attended his lectures, events, and courses. He presents Practical Consciousness for living without disturbing thoughts and emotions, accessing the qualities of consciousness, and experiencing an ongoing state of flow. His teachings further delve into the mysteries of Kriya and Ishwarananda Yogas, leading to the flowering of human potential far beyond what most  people believe is possible. He authored Practical Consciousness: Freeing Yourself from Emotional Addiction to Live a More Joyful Life to help people everywhere have mental, emotional, and spiritual freedom.