Today, we are seeing increasing consumption, conflict, and anger, as well as depression. If we don’t solve our emotional problems, we run the risk of destroying ourselves and the rest of the world.

I believe humans can develop greater positivity and emerge from our self-oblivion. Therefore, I want to show humanity how to use awareness to make the world better, including:

  • A progressive, well-balanced society.
  • A way of life where we use awareness to guide ourselves and direct our lives and inner worlds.

A person who brings their natural intelligence, benevolence, and initiative to the forefront I call Human 2.0. This transformation occurs when a person chooses to live to their fullest potential.


My mission is to help each person overcome negativity and adversity and advance in their lives.

To show people how to use awareness to achieve freedom, simplicity, truth, and satisfaction, discovering the following:

  • Awareness of reality—as it is—is perceiving truth.
  • Freedom comes when your reactions drop away, as freedom is inversely related to reactions.
  • By letting go of all that you are not, you achieve simplicity, and reduce suffering for yourself and others.
  • When these things have happened, satisfaction and love naturally appear.