Happiness, Freedom and Progress

Discover the resources you already have within. Find your natural flow state and inner harmony.

This teaching is rooted in ancient wisdom and practical experiences. It provides tools and techniques how to implement consciousness to live in the moment and act from who you truly are.


Hubs – connect, learn and practice in Lilleoru center and other global locations


Art of Conscious Change – an inner method for self-liberation, growth and happiness


Babaji Kriya Yoga – an ancient science to reach your full potential and deepest roots

Change yourself to see the world change

I grew up in Estonia, in the midst of remote forests of Northern Europe. Searching for answers, I questioned – why do we suffer? I immersed myself into the ancient sciences, experimenting first on myself and later with students, helping to revitalize lost forgotten wisdom.

In 2008, after profound personal transformations and realizations along with further investigative study led me to create The Art of Conscious Change – a teaching that disrupts what we have been taught about human nature. This helps people live out of their full potential and not be restricted by disturbing emotions and thoughts any longer.

The teaching enables people to understand who they truly are leading to the change this world desperately needs.

“If we all agreed to release our automatic thoughts and emotions – even for just one day – we would wake up to a different humanity.”