Teacher, Researcher, Author, Yogi
Ingvar Villido

Ingvar Villido realized his true nature after decades of introspection and yogic practice, eventually reaching stable self-realization. He began developing methods for humans to reach their full potential, as well as simplifying them for those who had never practiced yoga. He created the Practical Consciousness system to accomplish this. Ingvar is a Kriya Yoga researcher and Acharya (master teacher) of Babaji’s Kriya Yoga. His teaching is based on the wisdom of ancient Siddha yoga masters, and he holds the lineages of Mahasiddhar Agastyar and Kriya Babaji, amongst others. He teaches conscious action and the skillful application of the qualities of consciousness.


Thanks to Ingvar’s impeccable guidance, I now use my mind more efficiently and at the right times, as a tool, and I have more energy, silence, and peace in my life.

— Ahti Sepsivart