Ingvar Villido. Acharya Ishwarananda

Do you have unanswered questions about yourself, your relationships, problems or potentials? I used to be a seeker, like you. I too had many questions  – who am I, what is my role, how to be happy? As a master teacher of awareness and Kriya Yoga, I have been studying human nature, our problems, and potentials for over 35 years. I used the principles of yoga to study reality directly, like an engineer and found solutions to our most pressing issues. It has become my mission to share this knowledge in order to help everyone to make sense of themselves and improve their wellbeing on their own. Positive changes in the lives of thousands of my students show that these solutions really work, bringing lasting results. Read more about Ingvar.

"The first main goal in the life of each individual is to become aware"
Ingvar Villido