Happiness, Freedom and Success

Would you like to become free from all harmful habits, negative emotions, and limiting concepts? Discover your most potent resources, the source of true genius, natural flow state and inner harmony.

Rooted in ancient wisdom and empirical research, this new teaching provides practical tools on how to implement consciousness to live in the moment, actualize your potentiality and realize True Self.


Hubs – connect, learn, experience and implement in Lilleoru and at multiple global locations


Art of Conscious Change – a unique inner technology for self-liberation, growth & success


Babaji Kriya Yoga – an ancient science to reach your full potential, deepest roots and the Source

Uplifting humanity to our highest conscious potential

I teach practical consciousness and awareness.

People know me as a modern wisdom & spiritual teacher, researcher of human potential, Kriya Yoga Acharya, founder of the School of Practical Consciousness and author of a national best selling book. European media describes my work as “a new teaching for humankind,” and in the US they introduce me as the “Leonardo da Vinci of the inner world.”

I grew up in Estonia, in the midst of remote forests of Northern Europe. Searching for answers, I questioned – why do we suffer? I immersed myself into the ancient sciences, experimenting first on myself and later with students, and as a result my empirical research helped revitalize lost forgotten wisdom.

In 2008, after profound transformations and realizations along with further investigative study led me to create The Art of Conscious Change – the teaching that disrupts everything we have been taught about human nature; bringing people from living on autopilot to being back in the driver’s seat.

For me it is simple – I found That. Now I help others.

my background

Thousands of people have achieved complete and permanent freedom
from anxiety, anger, loneliness, worry and countless other obstacles.
See how this has been possible:

Changing the paradigm

“The root problems of humanity stem from ignorance of the inner world, current automatic behaviors, and neglecting of our most potent instruments – the super qualities of consciousness. But above all, from not knowing our True Self from ego, the false identity.

Would we all agree to release our automatic emotions – even if for just one day – we would wake up to a totally different humanity by tomorrow.”