Ishwarananda Yoga

Life generates many unanswerable questions. My students refer to my teachings that are not part of Babaji’s Kriya Yoga but supplement it in particular areas and nuances, as Ishwarananda Yoga.

Existing knowledge is frequently imprecise. It does not go into detail about how to perform the techniques; providing the framework but not the substance or details. Ishwarananda Yoga explores lesser-known facets of yoga, explaining precisely how to make the details work effectively.

Ishwarananda Yoga is about bringing everything together to create true results, not about chance or happenstance. The Practical Consciousness Classes, the second of which teaches how to let go of negative emotions, serve as the foundation for this knowledge.

The simplicity of these techniques inspired me to use them; I engaged myself completely and my health improved significantly. Everything changed so quickly and well that I continue to feel motivated to use the techniques and knowledge.

— Dirk Bock
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