Ingvar Villido

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  • Master Teacher on Awareness and Wisdom

    He is a Babaji’s Kriya Yoga Acharya (Master Teacher), creator of The Art of Conscious Change course series and Human 2.0 educational program, founder of the School of Practical Awareness, Lilleoru Centre and the Head of an adjoining Ashram (Estonia, EU).

    Ingvar Villido started teaching in 1992 and has spent 25+ years systemizing data in the pool of empirical wisdom. During practice he crossed such milestones as: becoming aware; stabilization into static consciousness; realization of Self; stable identification with Self; exposure of illusion or Maya; discovery of Riddhis and Siddhis; ability to contact forces of nature; receiving wisdom directly through intellect; ability to transmit teaching; understanding of own mission to help humanity and create a universal teaching; state of primordial perfection. Villido teaches application of awareness and practical Siddhanta, thus reviving the profound teachings of Siddhars (“ones who have attained great perfection”) and introducing a new paradigm based on the primacy of Self and Intellect. He is also a renowned speaker and as a visionary collaborates with scientists from traditional backgrounds. The teacher prioritizes practical achievements over external facade and is often perceived as most ordinary, “one of us”. His students describe him as endlessly patient, benevolent and reliable, always in the present moment with a no-fuss attitude.

    He was born in 1962 into a Christian family and currently lives in Estonia. In early years (1982 - 1992) he practiced martial arts, Raja Yoga and trained under V. Antonov. Villido has been initiated into wisdom practices by Chetsang K. Rinpoche (Kagyu), Chhimed R. Rinpoche (Nyingma), Drubwang Rinpoche (Kagyu), Chögyal N. Norbu (Dzogchen), Shri Muniraj (Mahavatar Babaji Ashrams), M.G. Satchidananda (Babaji’s Kriya Yoga), etc. His qualities and potential has been acknowledged through receiving the spiritual names Konchog Gyaltsen (“one who ascends directly” by Chetsang K. Rinpoche), Ishwar Lal (“jewel or son of the omnipresent one” by Shri Muniraj) and Ishwarananda (“the benevolence of the omnipresent one” by G. Satchidananda). Villido himself was initiated into a Kriya Yoga Acharya in 2007 and is now among the few principal teachers in the world licensed to transmit initiations into all three Babaji’s Kriya Yoga levels. Ingvar Villido has specialized in engineering.

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