Pilgrimage to South-India (Tamil Nadu) with Ingvar Ishwarananda took place from January 25th, 2018 – February 5th, 2019. The group of ca 50 Ingvar’s students visited old temples and places where the Siddhas used to perform their practices.

In ancient times, such a person was called a Siddhar, who as a result of conscious yogic practice achieved the opening of their full potential. According to the discovery of Siddhas, this achievement is the only purpose of life – for everyone. In Siddha-related places and temples, the energies from their practices are still present. Skillful use of awareness provides access to those unique subtle qualities and energies.

For the students, pilgrimage is an opportunity to test what they have learned, to correct and develop their capacities in mastering the use of consciousness, and to gain life-changing experiences. Development through conscious personal experience is the main purpose of such a pilgrimage. It is fundamental for all participants to use their skills to sustain long-term concentration and remain in prolonged inner silence.

During every trip to Tamil Nadu, also Kolli Hills are visited – a place known for its deep connection to the 18 Siddhar Tradition. Since the roots of what Ingvar Ishwarananda teaches are in the Tamil 18 Siddhar Tradition, Kolli Hills is also the place where Ingvar’s Indian branch-ashram is located.

Photos: Helena Lass, Kristjan Jung

Written by: Helena Lass

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