The summer began with a unique moment when two yogis and practicing masters met in Lilleoru.

On the last day of May, Yogi Baba Kulavadhuta Satpurananda (Khyapa Baba), a practitioner and Buddhist yogi (Aghori) considered by many Lamas of the Tibetan Buddhist tradition to be a Siddha, came to meet Ingvar Villido, the founder of the Lilleoru Education Hub. Ingvar Villido Ishwarananda pointed out that in the world there are many who do yoga but very few real yogis. However, today, there are many misconceptions about what yoga is, how a yogi must look like and what external criteria s/he must meet.

Khyapa Baba said that while teaching in different places in India, he heard people mentioning the name Ishwarananda time and again. He was told it was a practitioner yogi living with his community in the West. Baba described that just hearing the name of Ishwarananda, he felt blissful and thought it would be nice to meet one day. Listen to Baba’s message here.

In May, Baba was visiting Estonia to conduct some lectures on Tibetan Buddhism at the University of Tartu. Hearing that Ishwarananda lives and teaches here in Estonia, Baba decided to come to Lilleoru to meet him. Ingvar Villido Ishwarananda and Khyapa Baba talked for hours about what they had discovered during practice, the practical journey of self-realization, and the common roots of the Buddhist teachings in Tibet and the Siddha Tradition founded by Agastyar in India.

The two masters also talked about where mankind is heading, due to the overemphasis on materialism, as well as the grave consequences of the current misguided values. In the Art of Conscious Change developed by Ingvar Villido, Baba saw a very important way to help people living their daily lives improve at an exponential rate. He expressed the view that the work of Ishwarananda would help people to upgrade themselves.

Khyapa Baba: “People always make such great words about liberation and salvation. But what is liberation? That is when there are no more ties. It’s that simple. But our ego can’t grasp it. The complex mind constantly describes it as something that is very difficult to achieve, cannot be found, or requires 10,000 lifetimes to reach all these thoughts are fiction.”

After the discussion and dinner, they took a walk in the sacred Flower of Life Park, where Baba mentioned the great power and influence of the various establishments. Villido warmly welcomed the meeting with the true yogi and a practitioner, and Baba said he had found a friend.

Kulavadhuta Satpurananda was recognized as a reincarnation of a high teacher at the age of five by the legendary Aghoribaba, who consecrated him to the oral teaching line of the ancient Indian Buddhist Tantra (boudha-kaula-natha-samayachara). He lived and practiced until the age of 18 on the cremation grounds and was recognized by the legendary master Vamakhyapa as the keeper of this lineage. Baba also practiced the techniques of the Sufi teaching line and is recognized as the master Saibaba master of the Sirdi Sai Baba teaching line. He was also a student of Mother Theresa, practicing secret Christian Gnosticism techniques with her. At the age of 22, he received a personal dedication from Anandamayi Ma, an Indian woman saint. At the age of 28, the guru Swanubhawadeva dedicated him to the secret techniques of Shunyata and Mahamudra, who in 1993 recognized him as avadhuta (one who has overcome ego, duality and attained liberation from earthly problems). He has attained mastery in the highest practices of Vajrayana-Sahajayana. Khyapa Baba is one of the latest bearers of the secret Indian Vajrayana teaching line. Having worked and studied in multiple universities, he is also an expert in Vedanta as well as in Gnostic and Sufi philosophy.

In summer, the yoga competencies side of Lilleoru will come to the forefront.

In addition to being the birthplace of the Art of Conscious Change (AoCC), a paradigm-shifting and unique method of applying consciousness, Lilleoru is also known as the Babaji Kriya Yoga (BKY) Center. As an organization, NGO Lilleoru has been a member of the International Kriya Yoga Centers Network since 2004, and Ingvar Villido (with a spiritual name Ishwarananda) has been conducting Babaji Kriya Yoga initiations in Lilleoru since 2007 when he was dedicated as the acharya of this teaching line.

The complete Kriya Yoga system consists of 144 techniques that are passed on in three parts or in three initiations. There are fewer than ten acharyas in the world who, by virtue of their practical achievements, are entitled to pass on initiations to all three levels of BKY, acharya Ishwarananda being among these ten rare masters. As a result, Lilleoru is one of the few centers on a worldwide scale where regular initiations take place to all three levels of BKY.

Today, Lilleoru Education Hub has evolved into one of Babaji Kriya Yoga Centers of Excellence, and over the years, acharya Ishwarananda has trained over 50 Kriya Hatha Yoga instructors who act as yoga teachers both in Estonia and abroad. Read more here: Babaji Kriya Yoga.

In 2019, acharya Ishwaranada will conduct a total of six initiations to Babaji Kriya Yoga, four of them in Lilleoru, Estonia. This year’s first initiation to the first level of BKY took place on June 7-9 in Lilleoru. The initiation was attended by a record number of people (60), including 10 foreign students, thus being one of the largest initiations in Europe.

In addition to Lilleoru, initiations also take place in California, US, and in Skopje, Macedonia. You can find the times of initiations here.

News compiled by: Helena Lass

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