A unique conversation between authors Ingvar Villido and Mark Gober on consciousness in San Francisco, Covo co-working space, November 2018. In this video you will learn:

  • the explanation of matter and subtle matter according to physics
  • are we just biological living creatures or something more
  • the yogic view to human nature according to the ancient empirical science of Kriya Yoga
  • what is the foundation of our existence – an entity that is even deeper than consciousness
  • what does it mean that a human is the spark of God
  • how is consciousness related to True Self
  • what is the purpose of mind and how does it differ from both consciousness and energies
  • an explanation about human as a holistic multidimensional system
  • what is the yogic, natural way to influence the different “bodies”
  • what exists beyond mind
  • the biggest mistake we make about ourselves and the reason we are not self-realized

Join the Art of Conscious Change to discover your own multidimensional existence, the system of “five bodies” and learn how to use your inner tools to influence and change everything that no longer supports you.

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