Practical consciousness is at the heart of the International Education Hub in Lilleoru. Practical consciousness leads to change, where the keywords are natural physical, and mental well-being, inner sustainability, and cooperation for the sustainable development of humanity.

Established in 1993 by Ingvar Villido, Lilleoru Education Hub has more than 25 years of experience in actively applying awareness to promote harmonious living, people-to-people collaboration and inner development. It’s Estonia’s (and probably one of Europe’s) largest and oldest center for studies in practical consciousness. Due to the increasing interest, the NGO Lilleoru started construction of a new main building in 2013. The first phase was completed when the new main building (the “Schoolhouse”) was opened in the fall of 2018, which is also Europe’s largest reed pack building and was entirely established by volunteers.  During the first six months, the new building hosted 80 different training events, meetings, masterclasses, and other events, from festive dinners to Native American Law Circle ceremonies. In 2019, the Lilleoru Open Doors Day was organized in partnership with Estonia’s regional campaign “From Border to Border,” bringing together visitors from Europe and Asia.

How to put awareness into practice? There is a great need for such systematic and comprehensive knowledge in the world. All people could greatly reduce their problems and increase the joy of life by mastering these internal technologies of purifying the inner world and unlocking their potential. To meet this need, Ingvar created the Art of Conscious Change, the basis of all teachings in Lilleoru that is unique in the whole world. People want to come here to learn and stay in a place where for 25 years an environment has been created to support the application of awareness. To enable this, a second phase is planned – in autumn 2019, the NGO wants to begin construction of a wing of the building.

Rooms to accommodate guests are planned in the new wing. Creating accommodation facilities is important to promote international activities, create new collaborative projects in Lilleoru, and welcome more guests to study and teach.

The Lilleoru Elementary School also began operating in the fall of 2018 and classrooms for the rapidly expanding children’s school are planned in the new wing of the building.

The NGO needs to raise EUR 50,000 by August 1st to commence the construction. If you would like to contribute to the construction of the new accommodation wing and help with the further development of Lilleoru Education Hub, make a donation to the Construction Support Fund.

Lilleoru account: EE202200221053475791 (explanation: “School Donation”).

You can find information about many summer events on Lilleoru Facebook.
See you in Lilleoru!

News compiled by: Helena Lass

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