San Francisco’s Consciousness Hacking community invited Ingvar Villido to conduct an interactive presentation at Co-hack meetup on May 30th titled “Beyond Mindfulness: Getting to Your True Self.”

Consciousness Hacking started in 2013 in San Francisco and has expanded into 20+ countries with 15000 members worldwide (about CH in magazine Wired). The ultimate purpose is to support the community of people exploring, building and disseminating new tools for the evolution of individual and collective consciousness, inviting engineers, entrepreneurs, and enthusiasts to test still experimental self-examination technologies emerging largely from Silicon Valley.

In this video you will learn:

  • why the dominating paradigm of automatic reactions cannot be “fixed,” and why Ingvar calls it the “old paradigm;”
  • based on our most innate qualities, what else is possible – what is the “new paradigm?”
  • 3 rare pieces of teaching on consciousness;
  • what is the True Self and why is self-realization the main goal for everyone;
  • a technique to stop all mental noise, that the audience called “phenomenal;” 
  • what is this state that is, according to participants, “better than any of the positive emotions I have ever felt.”

One of the most important activities to prolong a conscious state, is the use of consciousness itself to actively release subconscious emotional reactions (AoCC II course). This serves several purposes: more frequent use of consciousness, learning through using it, capability to use consciousness in the active form, and decreasing the dominant role of autopilot.

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