The power deep within

Ancient teachings describe man in superlatives – “crown of nature,” “peak of hierarchy,” “spark of God.” A perfect being.

Reference is made to utmost stability and happiness that is beyond conditions and decay. Practitioners who sought to achieve this perfection and then blend in with that source were called yogis. Yoga has always been practical throughout, though nowadays it has become distorted beyond recognition.

In order to attain perfection, everything that is not part of perfection is purged. The metaphor of purification is fire. Fire, a force of nature, burns all what is not permanent, turning everything equally into ash. Only the non-burning remains – the Primordial. Fire, both external and internal, reveals the truth. Wisdom and skills to relate to such forces of nature is essential in all ancient teachings.

Yoga – a 1000s of years old science, approach to human nature, and a method of research

Siddhars and Tamil 18 Siddhar Tradition – the perfected teaching of man and purpose of life

Consciousness – the ultimate pillar of progress and prosperity. Through the ages and lineages

The modern renaissance of ancient science

Rishis, ancient saints, and ancient scientists Siddhars called yoga a science in which awareness was used in a disciplined manner as a means of inquiry to understand in detail both oneself and the surrounding. In order to conduct research in this way, they trained themselves in their ability to concentrate, sharpened their skills to differentiate and focus, and developed their awareness and insight. Plants, psychics, laws of nature, celestial bodies, etc. were studied. How to increase one’s ability was as important subject of study as was to explore the material world.

The primary goal of yogis has always been to mobilize the means to break free from attachment to false values, realize one’s potential, restore one’s true position to all creation, and achieve absolute perfection. The most challenging part of this path is the study of non-matter or the Primordial, today also known as the dark matter. A person who is capable of exploring that realm and as a practical result perform yo-ga (the result in case of which the boundary between individual existence and the omnipresent disappears) is called a Siddhar – the one who has “arrived”.

Kriya Yoga is an ancient system (described in the “Bahagavad Gita” dating back to 200 BC) compiled by those who attained perfection, in which both the inner and outer worlds and their interactions are studied. Similarly to modern science, hypotheses are set in Kriya Yoga, experiments are performed, data is collected, and conclusions are drawn. Thanks to the contribution of ancient scientists to the study of the inner world, mankind possesses the wisdom and techniques to achieve 100% practical results in the form of verifiable personal change.

Requiring long commitment, such deep yogic knowledge (as well as results) was previously only available to those who departed from regular life. I set out to solve this dilemma. How to bring yoga into everyday life?; And turn daily life into a yogic practice, was one of the most challenging tasks. But exploring it in the same way, I succeeded in creating techniques that no longer demand separation. On the contrary, performing them amid daily activities allows for the fastest spiritual development while having a very positive impact on everyday life – this is the Art of Conscious Change (AoCC).

Scientific and public remarks on yoga

Why this teaching?

The importance of awareness and the True Self is referred to in many traditions. However, reading or thinking about these high values is very different from practically experiencing them. For example, when it comes to True Self, the decisive factor is the actual experience of satchitananda, not merely talking about it. Similarily, consciousness becomes your tool only when you practically discover it and learn to apply it. It has been my task to find the connections that will allow people to once again understand and use their ultra-high tools to practically reach the depths described in these ancient traditions.

Compared to what is prevalent today, consciousness-based life is a whole new paradigm. In essence, it is the practical restoration of the supreme ability that has always been an integral part of man, even though it has been completely forgotten in the meantime.

Start a practical journey

The ultimate goal of every person is to discover their True Self. Discovering the True Self means the end of your search. Ending not only your current searches but your endless searches. True Self is the final solution.