Art of Conscious Change – The Inner Technology

Using all my previous experience and knowledge, I created the AoCC method in Estonia in 2008.

The ultimate goal of this teaching is to completely free a person from the trap of his or her automatic emotions and thoughts and to enable him or her to unlock their highest potential.

The Art of Conscious Change is a completely new teaching in humanity.

This internal technology and science was created in cooperation with my teachers and has been designed specifically for the all so-called ordinary people.

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To Uplift The Lives Of Modern People

The Art of Conscious Change (AoCC) is an in-depth teaching with ancient roots that I modernized for the 21st century.

Thereby, I created a new, practically usable method to apply the qualities of consciousness and to rid oneself of the autopilot. This is the inner technology I first developed to help my Babaji Kriya Yoga (BKY) students – to enable them to progress better in their yoga practice. At one point, I was asked to start teaching this knowledge publicly, to everyone. This required some simplification of the technology while maintaining its depth and precision.

The Art of Conscious Change (AoCC) helps a person deploy their own natural inherent tools to make changes in their inner world and habits. In this way, one changes the destiny of himself/herself, of mankind and of the environment for the better, supporting personal sustainability. Since 2012 AoCC courses have been held outside Estonia – in Brazil, Germany, Russia, USA, and other countries. The teaching of practical consciousness and application of awareness has been expanding ever since. In addition, I have given the rights to conduct courses to some of my students, which opens up this universal knowledge through other perspectives and through the professional knowledge, examples, and practical experience of teachers.

Created Together With My Teachers

Siddhar Agastyar is the one who is responsible for the care of modern humanity, and according to him, the realization of True Self is the ultimate goal of every human life. Agastyar is one of my main teachers after the Primordial, who the yogis also call Shiva. The Path to True Self, to Agastyar, and to Shiva does not go through thoughts and emotions. In order to help create this path somehow, a teaching called the Art of Conscious Change (AoCC) was created.

In modern mankind, this is a completely new teaching, a completely new way of understanding human nature, the roots of or problems and their solutions. AoCC was completed together with my teachers, being a practical science and inner technology fit for all ordinary people. The release of emotions and mental concepts is crucial for every modern person. All of this technology is consistent with becoming a better person and gives everyone the tools to achieve the ultimate goal of life.

Rooted In Deep Ancient Wisdom

Initially, the Art of Conscious Change (AoCC) course series developed on a need-based manner, when I noticed that my Kriya Yoga (BKY) students were unable to fully understand and use this advanced knowledge. In the past, deep yogic knowledge was only available to those who dedicated to this path fully and stepped out of the so-called ordinary life. BKY techniques originate directly from the Siddharsyogis who have already achieved perfection. But there is a huge gap between them and ordinary people, and so their teachings may not be immediately applicable.

In order to bridge this gap and reach the techniques used by the Siddhars, some intermediate training, internal preparation is needed. This became one of my tasks – how to solve the contradiction between operating in the ordinary world and applying ancient in-depth knowledge? I was intrigued by this preparatory part because I discovered that what was happening in the inner world was decisive for life. So, I was interested in how the inner world works, what rules and principles apply here, and so on.

Autopilot – The Main Obstacle

Examining why students could not use the BKY techniques effectively, I found that their main obstacle was the practices becoming automatic. Performing a breathing technique (pranayama) on the so-called autopilot mode doesn’t yield results, as the conscious performance of the practice is the prime requirement for Kriya Yoga. I began to explore in-depth the mechanism of automatism – trying to understand how it comes about, and how it works, how to get rid of it, and how to prevent it from being installed. Exploring empirically, in the 1st person, I reached deeper and discovered the root causes of the problems. My analysis shows that, on average, 95% of activities are of reactive nature i.e. subconscious, and only 5% are conscious activities – that is, autopilot prevents everyone from unlocking their potential.

I discovered emotional reactions that work completely automatically, independent of one’s own will. I also learned that people are not able to use their mind (i.e. mental body) as a tool; it is automatic. I found that although all people have consciousness and awareness, it is very rarely used in practical life. And I discovered one more thing – that people are not familiar with their natural identity, the True Self, and live in self-forgetfulness. Almost 8 billion people live an automatic and subconscious life in which they do not even participate! Because of all this, it is not known how to get rid of suffering and other obstacles, although it is possible to get rid of them forever. Humanity has been lacking such wisdom and internal technology.

Means To Get Rid Of Negativity And Bring More Positivity To The World

The knowledge of the five-level structure of a human being derived from Kriya Yoga (BKY) helped me turn all my experience and knowledge from previous years into a comprehensive system. The fragments came together, and I learned how to fuse ancient knowledge with the needs of modern man. Designing the Art of Conscious Change (AoCC) so that every person can understand this, in the yogic sense advanced wisdom and inner technology, has been one of the most difficult tasks.

On the one hand, AoCC is a preparation that helps to go deeper – this is the intermediate connecting link that has been missing so far. At the same time, the content of the five courses of AoCC method covers the full range of human issues and development potential. To summarize, a person learns how to discover and use his or her inner tools: they learn to release in real-time all the emotions that are not needed in life; to release any beliefs, self-talk and thoughts that are not needed; they learn to remain in a conscious state and use the seven super-qualities of consciousness.

The Key To Humanities Highest Potential

The innovativeness of the AoCC method lies in the knowledge of how to practically discover one’s own consciousness, its seven super-qualities, and how to use them actively. This unique wisdom enables a person to make an unprecedented leap in development through the Art of Conscious Change (AoCC): achieving instant change in real-time, final liberation of what was previously considered inevitable, rediscovering their genius, and so on. The objectives of this teaching can be divided into three stages:

1. The initial goal is to get rid of problems, purify and reorganize one’s inner world and daily life.

2. Then, free of obstacles, autopilot and ego, people learn how to develop all of their inner potentials, and bring out their True Self. As a result, now as True Self, man begins to lead his/her own life with opened potentials.

3. The ultimate goal of the teaching is absolute harmony and attainment of identity with omnipresent consciousness, the Source that in yoga is called Shiva.

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The masterful use of awareness is always accompanied by a conscious release of automatic behavioral patterns. This is the path to freedom.