The Teaching

A Teaching is more than a training – it is a map and a compass for life. It is the inner technology to release everything that is unstable and imperfect so that only the initially perfect – consciousness and the True Self – remain. The goal is Self-realization, reclaiming a state that is inherent in every human being, regardless of religion or other conditions. To accomplish this goal, I share a teaching that helps a person to employ the tools that underlie their wisdom and well-being.

I teach the Art of Conscious Change (AoCC) and Babaji Kriya Yoga (BKY). AoCC is a teaching that is new to humanity. This technology and science were completed in cooperation with my Teachers, with their blessings and support. Creating AoCC was one of the tasks that my teacher Agastyar gave me, and it was created specifically for all people living their daily life. The use of awareness and the release of emotions and mental concepts is crucial for everyone.

The Teacher

The teacher is the one who, after having attained the ultimate goal, is able to guide others on the basis of his/her own journey. The task of a teacher is to help see reality and to point out the glitches inside the person so that s/he can release them. The teacher does not rely on book knowledge but teaches on the basis of the potentials opened through personal practice.

In cultures with a spiritual tradition, the practicing teacher is called guru. Translated from Sanskrit, gu means darkness and ru means light. The name Dalai Lama also means guru in translation, combining the Mongolian word Dalai (“ocean” or “great”) and the Tibetan meaning བླ་མ་, or Bla-Ma (“master, guru”).

It is the guru who helps you from the darkness of suffering to reach the light of well-being. Therefore, recognizing a teacher has always been regarded as a blessing and a turning point in life.

Exit the series of endless searches

All people in life are driven by three deep desires or chronic needs: finding a lasting identity (“Who am I?”); an inexhaustible desire to know more and more; and the desire to feel good/happy as often as possible. As long as one tries to fulfill these materially, emotionally, or by thinking, s/he will not attain any of the three, and his or her search will continue indefinitely. Regarding consciousness as primary in life, can be called a whole new paradigm, and the person using it can be called Human 2.0.

Ancient yogic scientists, the Siddhars, discovered a place within the human being where these three desires are fulfilled and become permanently lasting experiences as any natural quality. Therefore the ultimate solution: to recognize this perfection. From my own experience, I can confirm the Siddhars’ discovery: this place is real and already exists inside each and every one of us. To rediscover his/her True Self is the ultimate goal of every person’s life. But the path to the True Self is narrow – that path is awareness.

consciousness and awareness – what are they?

Only through awareness will you reach your True Self.