Ingvar Villido. Acharya Ishwarananda


The teachings that I give help you to understand yourself better. They help you to find your ability to release different problems, improve your quality of life and learn how to open your potentials on your own. 

Contemporary psychology and psychiatry offer temporary solutions and alleviations, but when working with students I have seen, that their problems keep reoccurring. I teach knowledge and techniques that help to increase the proportion of awareness in life, become free from habitual reactions and solve the inner obstacles permanently.

What is possible for me?

The positive results of thousands of people give me the confidence to say that everyone who uses this knowledge and techniques in a correct way, will experience positive changes. When using the techniques persistently, you will:
  • Feel fulfilled & happy;
  • Have an overview and be in charge of your life
  • Be able to surpass all problems or obstacles effortlessly and instantly;
  • Be able to remodel yourself according to your wishes;
  • Be a better person, friendly and kind without even trying;
  • Have consistent high levels of energy, able to achieve your goals;
  • Be able to orientate well and understand things quickly;
  • Open and realize your potentials;
  • Live with opened eyes, seeing reality as it is;
  • Finally surpass fear and phobias;
  • Take actively part of your life, free from procrastination;
  • Drop the baggage of guilt, disappointment or revenge;
  • Become free from being excessively introverted or lonely;
  • Prevent both burnout and depression;
  • Progress in spiritual practices without leaving real life duties aside;
  • Upgrade yourself - take your abilities and quality of life to a totally new level.

Four ways you can participate in Ingvar teachings

ASK Ingvar -
Do you have unanswered questions about yourself, your problems and potentials, about your relationship with others? Ask Ingvar is your opportunity to ask these pressing questions directly from Ingvar, receive answers and guidance you were looking for.

Free webinar - Join Ingvar at the spontaneous online gatherings-talks taking place monthly to learn more about yourself and have an opportunity to receive answers to your questions. The webinars are entry-level events open for everyone and do not require any previous preparation.

The Art of Conscious Change  - This personal development program teaches methods that help to start using awareness and intellect in daily life and release habitual emotions and thoughts that lead your life. You will learn new basic self-leadership skills to become permanently free from causes of suffering and increase your quality of life.

Babaji´s Kriya Yoga - If you want to develop your abilities and open your potentials, the ancient system of Kriya Yoga helps you to advance on the path of human development. Kriya yoga is a path of conscious change and inner investigation that leads to realizing your true Self and learning to live your life as yourself. 

More about the teaching

At times, we all suffer. Billions of people in the world are not able to live their lives to the fullest and realize their goals, because they feel insecure, envious, fearful, sad, worried, proud, disappointed, discontent, offended, anxious, humiliated, alone or revengeful and have thoughts that accompany these emotions. They have no idea that it is possible to become fully free from such distracting emotions and thoughts. People seek temporary alleviation from entertainment, media, food, alcohol, pills, drugs, spiritual practices, shopping, sports, psychologists etc. This helps until another episode of suffering occurs - and the cycle repeats itself again. All of this also has an influence on our relationships and the environment we live in. Is all of this really not exhausting? Why not learn to free yourself from these sufferings permanently?

To be human, means finding a practical answer to “who am I?”. Investigating this through personal practice and work with students practically has been the focus of my research for the past 40 years. I found out that everything we do in the external world is directly influenced by what happens on the inside.  Therefore I teach what goes on in the inner sphere, how to make sense of it and change it for the better. I can help you to understand yourself better, realize what is happening to you, and support you in developing your ability to free yourself on your own from disturbing emotions and thoughts.

I have witnessed that contemporary psychology does not offer conclusive solutions to people’s emotional problems. The techniques that I teach make it possible for the people to free themselves from automatically activating emotions and thereby also from most of the problems one might have. This is why I say that these teachings are making “silent revolution” – a revolution taking place in the inner world of each practitioner. This revolution starts with individuals by fostering personal sustainability, but it does not stop there - it spreads on.  

Way of teaching - "silent revolution"

I have learned to clearly discern theory from practice, teaching only what I have tried out in real life and what has been effective according to the feedback from my students over the decades. To broaden your possibilities, I always help you to notice your own limitations and gain a new perspective on your habitual values and beliefs. The way I teach invites you to notice and investigate - I ask questions and encourage you to find answers. This is how you develop your ability to find solutions independently. For me, it is important that you receive a real personal experience of awareness so that your understanding of it transforms from theoretical into practical. Sometimes I teach through silence – be very attentive during those moments, as I am taking you deeper from usual mental reasoning, to direct insights. People also value my ability to talk about complicated things in a casual, easily understandable way. With me, you will see that beyond initial complexity there is always simplicity. Relying on my long experience, you can count on me to sustain a clear vision for you even if you get side-tracked. Adopting a mindset of an explorer, you will always find some new element at my talks and courses – a new perspective on yourself, people or things around you, some new discovery about your inner sphere or a technique to improve it. I teach how you can use the instrument of awareness to become more independent and free, with increasing ease of designing and directing your life. You have been searching, looking for answers. I am here to help you find them.


"So long as habits persist, nobody has even an ounce of freedom to choose differently."

"You search for a mission in life, a reason for existence. Nothing is as paramount as Self-realization."