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More than 25 years of experience, presentations and lectures.

Audiences of more than 500 people.

I teach in Estonian, Russian, and English.

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Application of awareness – the new basic skill

Public speaking is an integral part of teaching. Many places around the world have contacted and invited me to share my knowledge. As of today, more than 16,000 people globally have been privy to the Teaching through AoCC courses, BKY initiations, and lectures. Over 2500 lectures on consciousness and self-development have taken place in different countries. I have been to radio in Estonia, Russia, and Luxembourg, there have been segments in the National TV programs “Eyewitness” (Pealtnägija) and “Ringvaade”.

Several public speaking events have taken place in America. Among them at Consciousness Hacking Meetup, which brings together technology enthusiasts from Silicon Valley with the aim of discovering how technology can help people make more use of their consciousness. An exciting debate about emotions took place in the summer of 2018 in San Francisco with Dr. Albert Wong, a professor of psychology; and with Mark Gober, an author investigating consciousness.

List of some public speaking events:

2019 July 26 – The Annual Scientific Conference The Science of Consciousness (TSC) in Interlaken, Switzerland – A poster presentation “Practical Application of the Seven Super-qualities of Consciousness.”

2018 November 30 – Debate “The Science of Consciousness” with the US author Mark Gober in San Francisco

2018 September 12 – Presentation in Pärnu Conferences “Leadership laboratory”, Estonia

2018 July 13 – Presentation at the Global Global Ecovillage Network (GEN) Conference “Human 2.0: Practical Elements of a Paradigm Shift Based on the Application of Awareness”

2018 July 10 – Presentation on the Estonian Day of the International GEN Conference, Estonia

2018 June 2 – “Person of the Month” on Estonias’ leading business radio “Äripäev”, interviewed by Vilja Kiisler

2018 June 1 – Presentation at Consciousness Hacking Meetup in San Francisco, US

2018 May 29 – Debate “Emotions: the Greatest Addiction of Humanity” in San Francisco, US with Dr. A. Wong, Professor of Psychology

2018 May 3 – Presentation at Conscious Entrepreneurship Conference “Technology, Awareness, Human Potential”, Estonia

2018 April 24 – 5th Annual Conference of Education Sector of Rae Municipality, Estonia

2018 April 16 – International Psychology Congress “Emotion Revolution” in Norway. A poster presentation: “Consciousness-based Approach to Emotion Management”

2018 March 28 – Presentation at the biggest marketing conference in Estonia “Password”

2018 March 18 – Seminar of the Entrepreneurs’ Club and the magazine “Purpose-driven Leaders”, St. Petersburg Russia

2018 March 7 – Participation in the popular TV program “Ringvaade” of Estonian National Television

2017 December 20 – Participation in the TV program “Suud puhtaks” of Estonian National Television

2017 November 8 – Presentation in JCI Tallinn Conference “BeWise”, Estonia

2017 October 4 – Estonia’s Annual Psychology Conference “Mental Health at Workplace”

2017 February 16 – Estonian Work Psychology Conference “Achieve Inner Peace!”

2016 November 9 – Presentation in Coaching Conference “The Meeting Place for Coaches”, Estonia

2016 August 13 – A panel discussion in Paide Opinion Festival on “Are you a man or not?”, Estonia

2016 July 27 – Presentation in Haapsalu Yoga Festival, Estonia

2016 June – Seminar on Sustainability at the University of Karlsruhe, Germany

2016 May 7 – Presentation in Conscious Entrepreneurship Conference “Awareness, Workplace, Wellbeing”, Estonia

2016 March – An Interview in a popular TV program of Estonian National Television “Eyewitness” (Pealtnägija)

2015 July 18 – Haapsalu Yoga Festival “Balance”, Estonia

2014 July 28 – Haapsalu Yoga Festival “Sound and Silence”, Estonia

2010 July 4 – Berlin Yoga Festival

2010 December 22 – Participation in Documentary “Estonian Stories: Normal person”, Estonian National Broadcasting (ERR)

2006 March 11 – Podcast in ERR popular program “Night University: Man and Yoga”

2004 January 24 – Podcast in ERR popular program “Night University: Finding God in Oneself”

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This teaching is the next step from mindfulness. By using awareness in an active form, you are not only an observer, but you can also directly influence things. For example, you can use your awareness to release the emotions that are activated on autopilot.