The new paradigm – consciousness as the driving force

I call the life dictated by automatic reactions – mind and emotions – the old paradigm. It’s imperfect to begin with.

Instead of trying to constantly “improve” the old paradigm, switching to a completely new paradigm based on the use of consciousness is needed.

The new paradigm is an approach to human nature based on the correct or natural hierarchy, where the intellect, rather than emotions and thinking, is given priority in one’s motives, decisions, and behaviors.

The conscious use of the qualities of one’s own consciousness in everyday life is the norm, standard of the new paradigm.

Using the qualities of consciousness as a standard

Through the Art of Conscious Change (AoCC), a person discovers his or her own ability to significantly improve their quality of life. No posters or advertisements are needed. This is everyone’s personal quiet revolution.

A new paradigm – this is the renaissance of a highly capable human being. The conscious use of the qualities of one’s own consciousness in everyday life is regarded as the norm, the elementary standard.

Man as a multi-level entity

One of the pillars of the new paradigm is the knowledge that our lives take place on many different levels. Three of these are subject to constant alternation: physical, emotional, and mental. Consciousness is neither mind nor emotion – it is completely different from them, the fourth level. The True Self, or spiritual level, is the fifth one. In yoga, such a view is called a five-body system, and it is holistic. It means body-within-body without ever intermingling.

Typically, there are different processes at different levels that often do not serve your goals. For example, a thought says “let’s do it!” But the emotional reaction gives the feeling “I don’t want to” – and creates a completely different state. Or, for example, you gain an insight that you should change something in your life, but then a mental comment of “there is no point” arises, and emotion adds the feeling of hopelessness. Such situations are common in life and highlight the main problem – the host is not represented to put all these inner phenomenas to work in harmony in order to support your life and goals. When the host (True Self) is in charge and orchestrates such harmony to appear, this I call a process of inner alignment. When it happens by chance, people call this “the state of flow.” However, since alignment is not easy due to the different automated reactions that take place at these levels, also “the state of flow” remains infrequent. Through releasing automatism, the True Self is brought back to the driver’s seat and alignment becomes a normal, regular thing.

The old paradigm means illusion

I call the life dictated by reactions, automatic emotions and mind, the old paradigm. The old paradigm means to live in an illusion created by the mind and supported by emotions. The illusion of a thinking person lies in that they believe their thoughts more than events that take place in physical reality.

We become aware of reality, as it is, only at those moments when we use our awareness, for example, in moments of noticing or attentiveness. Immediately upon noticing, we return to thinking mind and begin to think about what we just noticed – but the phenomenon we noticed is never our thoughts about. Awareness and thoughts are two very different things. It’s the same with emotions – what we feel about something/someone is not the thing/being itself. I see these situations as illusions of reality. The attachment to the emotional-mental illusions makes us inadequate. And that is why we have so much suffering and problems in humanity, from individual to global issues.

A mistaken view of human nature

Continuation of this emotional-mental approach to a human over a longer period has led to two potentially damaging conclusions. First, people have started to consider suffering such a normal part of life that they are prepared to accept it and even protect it. This view is an error.

Second, fundamental hypotheses and research on how to get rid of suffering have thus been abandoned. Instead of exiting the old paradigm, a constant effort is undertaken to “improve” this view to life where autopilot-based emotional-mental reactions dominate. It is fundamentally impossible to attain stability and perfection through it. Instead of continually “improving,” the old I suggest moving to a completely new paradigm based on greater use of consciousness.

All creation is built up according to a natural hierarchy

There is a certain hierarchy in nature, that is obvious. I do not mean the law of the jungle, but a much more fundamental principle. Discovering a hierarchy that already exists in reality, and living in harmony with it, is the foundation of a new paradigm.

In this hierarchy, man is truly the highest being of all creation. This means that the person himself/herself, the True Self, is the highest. Son of God, as the Bible says. You as True Self are actually at the top of the hierarchy, and everything else starts from you. But until you practically re-discover the True Self, you don’t identify as that. You (the True Self) have the power and ability to change the rest of creation, including your inner world! This implies natural empowerment as well as the urgent need to rearrange what is happening in your inner world. This is where alignment is needed, accross all five levels. We can all change things in the external world because we have learned to do it. But what a person is like without changing and aligning his/her inner world – see the consequences! In continuing so, we are destroying ourselves and others.

The new paradigm – the conscious person

The seven qualities of consciousness together is what I call the human intellect. Using awareness as a major driving force means using the qualities of consciousness, fourth-level tools, and exiting the old paradigm. By applying awareness to release automatic inner world reactions or illusions, the proportion of consciousness in life increases. The person who is aware of his/her qualities of consciousness and has brought the skillful application of intellect to the forefront of life is the user of the new paradigm.

The new paradigm is an approach to human nature based on the correct or natural hierarchy, where consciousness, rather than automatic reactions, is given priority in one’s motives, decisions, and behaviors.

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“In the inner world application of awareness is the most important activity. Other inner phenomena are all secondary. However, in many of you, the case is just the other way around. And that is why you are suffering from all kinds of unsolvable problems.