Authors Mark Gober & Ingvar Villido in San Francisco, November 2018, at Covo co-working space. A Conversation on consciousness and it’s importance in our daily lives. In this video you will learn:

  • a discovery Ingvar made on consciousness itself – disrupting the widespread understanding of the need to develop it
  • when people talk about developing consciousness, what is actually developed?
  • what is the key to discover the subtle phenomenons, attaining clear vision and other “powers”
  • what does the autopilot consist of and where does it originate from?
  • what is the main obstacle, why we cannot use our higher, consciousness-based tools?
  • when walking a path of self-development, what is important and what not?
  • what are the prerequisites to access your evolutionary memory (past lives etc)
  • how can you increase the duration of living in the conscious state?
  • what does it mean to use intuition or even thinking as a tool?

Learn to release the autopilot at the Art of Conscious Change courses I-II and III. The Art of Conscious Change is based on empirical science of human nature, disrupting everything we have previously been taught about ourselves and our capabilities. Teaching ordinary people how to use practical consciousness to actively change the inner world, is the the revolutionary 4-th wave intervention beyond mindfulness.

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