Monthly Wisdom Webinars

In 2019, at the request of international students, we started monthly webinars in English.

Webinars are an opportunity to join me on a discovery of practical consciousness – my main area of expertise. Each webinar is unique, opening up a topic from the perspective of the new paradigm, tailored to answer the questions you submitted upon registration. Webinars are public, free of charge and take place over See events calendar for the dates. Some of the topics so far:

* Living in Happiness
* The Power of Awareness
* Emotions: Humanity’s Biggest Addiction
* Overcome Challenges, Bad Habits, and Breakdowns
* Finding Your Purpose and Accomplishing Goals
* The Science of Kriya Yoga: High Technology of Self-Realization

Workshops and lectures on self-development, yoga etc.

I have conducted lectures on self-development on a regular basis since 1990, the total of over 2500. From September to May, regular public lectures and masterclasses in Lilleoru and other Estonian cities take place every week. On-site simultaneous translation is available with prior notice (ENG, RUS, GER). When teaching abroad, I also conduct lectures/workshops at the destination – this is the case in Luxembourg, Karlsruhe, Skopje, Moscow, St. Petersburg, San Francisco, and other cities.

I share practical discoveries on how to use awareness and other inner resources to improve one’s quality of life. These are interactive events where you get to ask questions, practice and explore. An extensive archive of audio-recordings has been created, allowing to download and listen, however, this is currently in Estonian.

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If you go to work unrested or gloomy, it will affect your behavior there. If you have a conflict, then the emotion that has arisen during it can affect you for a long time. Reading a book and watching a movie also trigger emotions. Your life is constantly affected by emotions.