“Turning Point. The Teaching that Radically Changes Everything You Know About Human Nature and Potentiality” is a concise overview of the holistic system to describe human nature, created by Ingvar Villido.

Based on awareness as the new paradigm, this approach is innovative and entirely different from the previous ones. The system outlined by Villido’s is not based on theories, but on the systematization of results from more than 30 years of empirical research.

According to Villido, the currently widespread automatic activation of emotions and thoughts is not natural to humans. On the contrary, action motivated by automatic reactions causes the majority of humanity’s problems. The only way to solve 100% of current problems is by freeing oneself of these independently activating reactions. To release automatic reactions, Villido has developed specific and precise techniques that are based on the deliberate use of awareness, a quality possessed by each and every human being. 

An integral part of this view is learning the practical application of awareness throughout all daily activities as a crucial step to replace the current leading role of automatic emotions and thoughts. Based on the experience from his personal practice as well as from thousands of students, Villido shares in his book how a life without any negative emotions is not only possible but absolutely normal. 

Villido’s book is the quintessence of his signature teaching, the Art of Conscious Change method, highlighting new possibilities when transitioning to the paradigm where awareness is used as the main driving force. This book and method are meant for everyone interested in learning sustainable solutions for raising their quality of life on their own. 

The book was published in time for the Global Ecovillage Network’s (GEN) 2018 world-conference “The Wisdom of Conscious Communities” that will take place in Lilleoru, Estonia – an educational hub founded by Villido in 1992. The event brings together over 500 sustainable development experts, practitioners and supporters from around the world. At the conference Villido will present his innovative approach in a keynote speech as well as at a seminar on personal sustainability.

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