Interview with Ingvar Villido in Lilleoru, the education hub on practical consciousness he founded in 1993. In 2018 Lilleoru was the organizer of a 3-day Global Ecovillage Network Europe Conference, titled “Wisdom of Conscious Communities,” bringing together over 500 participants from all over the world. Attracting a big community over the course of 25 years, having 1000+ volunteers contribute to building the School – what is special about the teaching practiced in Lilleoru?

In this video you will learn:

  • what is the origin of our emotions and thoughts – the inner phenomenons we tend to mistaken for our identity?
  • what do you need to use to be in the present moment?
  • is life, who you are and your destiny fixed?
  • when can a human really be called wise?
  • how does consciousness-based life differ from a reactive life lived on autopilot?
  • a surprising view on emotions, thoughts and being human that you have never considered
  • what is the hidden secret about the importance of consciousness?
  • consciousness and awareness – side-products of physical body or tools with practical value and executive power?
  • what is the main principle of this new teaching and how does it help to uncover the perfection already present in us?
  • why is releasing the negative, not chasing/cultivating the positive, the way towards more joy, abundance and ease?
  • what is this “toolbox of infinite possibilities” you have always possessed but have never noticed or used?

If suffering is feedback to lack of skills and knowledge; imagine discovering an ultimate toolbox within yourself to solve any problem, to make sense of all of your deepest longings and to open infinite potentials? The Art of Conscious Change practiced in Lilleoru is simple, practical, yet comprehensive – the long-awaited “manual of life.” With the manual at hand, you can truly change everything.

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