During the holidays Ingvar Villido met Mr. Riho Kruuv, Estonian Ambassador to India, Singapore, Sri Lanka and four more countries in the region.

The informal meeting took place in Lilleoru during Mr. Riho Kruuv’s visit to Estonia. After a short tour in the newly opened Lilleoru Schoolhouse, the two had some local mint tea and developed a discussion about the innate potential of every human to significantly improve their quality of life.

Ambassador Kruuv said that he wanted to know more about Lilleoru and the background of the teaching after receiving a recommendation from one of his colleagues in India and reading Ingvar’s book “Emotions. The Biggest Addiction of Mankind”. The ambassador expressed his appreciation upon getting to know about the Estonian created educational method (The Art of Conscious Change) that helps people to understand their inner sphere, handle emotions and learn to use inner tools of progress.

As an Estonian Ambassador to India, the country that is known as the cradle of yoga, Ambassador Kruuv also took a keen interest in the yogic roots of Ingvar’s teaching. He was interested in how the Babaji Kriya Yoga teaching line arrived at Lilleoru and was pleased to learn that one of ten most highly qualified Babaji Kriya Yoga acharyas in the world lives and teaches in Estonia. Mr. Kruuv expressed that Lilleoru has great potential to be known as a highly competent yoga center and saw this as a valuable opportunity to strengthen Estonian-Indian relations.

News compiled by: Helena Lass

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