“The Science of Emotions: Humanity’s Biggest Addiction” was a unique conversation between the author, empirical researcher and master teacher of awareness, Ingvar Villido and Director of Somatic Psychology, JFK University, Albert Wong Ph.D. In San Francisco, 2018. In this video you will learn:

  • how our inner “programs” develop
  • what is the impact of these inner programs, what do they determine?
  • what is the role of awareness in changing program-like inner reactions?
  • what does it mean that we need to learn how to use awareness?
  • first very important empirical discovery that arises from using awareness
  • why do we identify with our body and our inner world?
  • what can you use to arrive at the discovery of who you truly are?

When Ingvar Villido discovered that all inner “programs” have been acquired during life, he started to look for a method how can we release the harmful and limiting ones. How to become totally free of them? His goal was to find the missing link, to locate the tools capable of such execution. After decades of research and work this resulted in creating a new inner technology – the Art of Conscious Change to help everyone gain liberation from past conditioning.

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