Social contribution and charity events

As of today, 25 years of teaching have included weekly lectures in all major Estonian cities. On weekends, practice for students, and Babaji kriya yoga satsangs in Lilleoru.

Contributions and initiatives of major importance to society:

  • Establishment of the Lilleoru Education Hub in Estonia, EU;
  • Founding and establishment of the School of Practical Consciousness;
  • A paper in a scientific book by leading publisher “Routledge”;
  • Organization of GEN Europe 2018 Conference in Lilleoru;
  • Establishment of AoCC Elementary School in Lilleoru;
  • Foundation of “Foundation For Future Education”;

To foster positivity and help to create a better world

In the afterword of the book “Emotions. The Greatest Addiction of Mankind” it is said: “Students describe Ingvar Villido as deeply humane, simple, profound, patient and a naturally positive person who has achieved personal liberation through intense yogic practice but has nonetheless devoted his life to helping others.”

Non-profit and charity projects

  • Establishment of Lilleoru Hub together with students in 1993. Together, the first buildings were built, a permaculture garden and the Flower of Life Park was established.
  • The founding of NGO Lilleoru (2001) and donating personal land to the NGO. I had bought a piece of land but donated it to Lilleoru in order to support it’s independent developments and activities in contributing to the holistic development of all people.
  • Funding through donations. Funding of various activities, projects and developments of NGO Lilleoru through donations. Today, the NGO unites nearly 150 of my students who have passed the AoCC courses and to a large extent also the initiations of Babaji Kriya Yoga. The members participate in Lilleoru activities and in-depth training program, and are dedicated to implementing awareness in their daily lives.
  • Participation in the debate of the Opinion Festival “Are you a man or not?” (2016)
  • Donations to a non-profit organization called Udavum Karangal, that manages the orphanage/care center for people with mental disability in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India.
  • Establishment of the School building in Lilleoru Hub (2018). The new main building of Lilleoru Education Hub, built over last five years with the help of over a thousand volunteers, charitable donations and grants, is Europe’s largest reed pack building and the only public building of its kind. This unique schoolhouse is dedicated specially to learning how to actively use consciousness in everyday life. Lilleoru Hub is the main location where I teach, and also the “homebase” of the Art of Conscious Change. Here, people gain the wisdom that will enable them to change their lives and move on to a new paradigm based on the use of practical consciousness.

“It is possible that after the construction of the Estonia Theater House, no other public buildings have been built in Estonia to such extent with the help of donations and volunteers.” – newspaper Postimees, July 2, 2018

  • International Global Ecovillage Network (GEN) European Conference 2018 “Wisdom of Conscious Communities,” which brought 500+ participants from around the world to Lilleoru (2018). The event was a versatile laboratory for the promotion of sustainable practices and knowledge, bringing together people from a total of thirty different ecovillages worldwide each year. GEN Europe 2018 Conference “The Wisdom of Conscious Communities” was a gift for the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Estonia and more than 100 members of the NGO contributed to the event as a charitable act.

“Man has already been created good, but today we use rubbish – emotions and concepts learned from other people – and that is why we do not know who we are, and we hurt others and ourselves. The quiet revolution begins with every person. This is a small change that can be made by each of us to become a better person – to become not only the citizen of the world but the citizen of the universe. And this brings out the actual grandness of what it means to be human. And that doesn’t mean gaining anything extra, it means getting rid of everything that makes your life wrong, that makes the life of others wrong, and that actually destroys our planet.” – Ingvar Villido, July 10, 2018, at the GEN conference “Wisdom of Conscious Communities” in Lilleoru.

  • Co-author in scientific book “Personal Sustainability: Exploring the Far Side of Sustainable Development” by world’s leading scientific publisher “Routledge.” My paper is published as a separate chapter and is titled: “Awareness as the New Paradigm for Personal Sustainability: A Practitioner’s Perspective on the Sustainability Transition.” Editors O. Parodi and K. Tamm, “Personal Sustainability. Exploring the Far Side of Sustainable Development,” Oxon and New York: Routledge, 2018, pp. 136-150.
  • Presentation of theses during a poster presentation at the Emotion Revolution International Psychology Congress in Norway. Following the competition, the consciousness-based method of emotion management and the new approach to a human created by me were selected for presentation at a three-day congress, with over 700 specialists coming from 40 countries. The main speakers of the congress were well-known creators/leaders of renowned psychotherapy methods: Steven Hayes, Leslie Greenberg, Paul Gilbert, Janina Fisher et al.
  • Establishment of the Lilleoru Elementary School (2018). The distinctive feature of Lilleoru Elementary School is the use of Art of Conscious Change method in everyday teaching. Lilleoru Elementary School was born under the leadership of teachers, members of the non-profit association NGO Lilleoru to create an ideal learning environment for children. In addition to the traditional curriculum, the methodology of Art of Conscious Change, developed specifically for children (“AoCC for Shools”), has been integrated into school lessons to develop children’s attention and focus ability, to discover and manage their own emotions and thoughts.
  • Founding member of Foundation For Future Education (2018). The Foundation’s core activities are the promotion of inner education, knowledge, and skills at all levels of the education system. The founders, the members of the supervisory board and the management board include Human LLC, NGO Lilleoru, and private persons.
  • Human LLC has contributed as a charitable offering to carrying out the “My Dream Day” (2018) at the annual gathering of Estonia’s cancer society of children (presentation by Dr. Helena Lass) and the awareness workshop for disabled people (workshop by Aigi Vahing).
  • Charitable awareness workshop at the San Francisco Blind Society in the US (2018). I was honored to share some awareness practices with them, and I was very happy that, despite having lost their vision, they immediately understood the techniques. From that moment on, they stopped worrying and started to release negative emotions. Their life changed.

More: Lilleoru Education Hub; Paper in Scientific Book by Routledge; Human 2.0; the New Paradigm.

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You have been taught that suffering is a “normal” part of being a human being. In fact, sufferings are completely abnormal. You can easily release them, be without them. Life without negative emotions is not only possible but a natural state of man.