Three major spiritual Teachers

Shree Guru Gita (verse 28): “The one whose true light gives birth to true knowledge is known by the word Guru … Giving knowledge that removes the veil from the eyes of those blinded by the darkness of ignorance.”

Various spiritual practices, many teachings, and teachers have been part of my period of seeking (see my path of development), but beyond a certain point even they were not able to offer further guidance. A revolutionary breakthrough came in the early 2000s when I came across Kriya Yoga – I came into contact with Kriya Babaji. Traveling in India brought me into contact with Mahasiddhar (see Wikipedia) Agastyar around 2007. Likewise, That – the Primordial, who exists behind all things, has always guided me, though clear recognition and a lasting connection with the Teacher of the Teachers has evolved during decades.

Teacher Babaji – the “immortal youth” who created the perfect system of kriya yoga

Mentor and Teacher Agastyar, one of the seven rishis and founder of the 18 Siddha Tradition

Primary Teacher, whom rishis and Siddhas called The One, Source, The Primordial or simply That

Tasks given to me by my teachers

On a couple of occasions, I have opened up the background of my Teachers in the media. As I teach, I fulfill their task of articulating and redistributing eternal knowledge to help uplift humanity to our highest conscious potential. In this manner, your aspirations and prayers for greater clarity, guidance, and relief from suffering have received an answer. I talk about the wisdom my Spiritual Teachers have entrusted me with at AoCC intro event in Luxembourg, 2016:

Would you like to partake in this knowledge?

An insight is the moment when God smiles to you.