Childhood 1962 – 1975

From home, especially from my grandfather, I inherited an engineering type view of life. The nature of the investigator was inherent to me already in my early childhood. I was interested in how trees and plants grow, how things really work. I had a lot of questions but had no answers: Who am I? What am I doing here? I wanted to find solutions and self-development became important to me. As my desire to understand myself grew, I became a researcher of the nature of man.

Period keywords: nature, questions, grandparents, observation.

Looking for answers 1978 – 1988

My first contact with yoga was in my teenage years when I was doing pranayama according to the instructions found in a magazine, and achieved the turiya state of consciousness. I met my first teacher (on the photo) in the army and started more in-depth practice in 1981. When looking for answers, I visited a number of spiritual teachers in the 1980s and 1990s and practiced teaching lines of many different traditions both at home and abroad.

Period keywords: oriental martial arts; Vladimir Antonov School; Raja yoga; Castaneda; acupuncture.

Buddhism 1989–1996

I received initiations from Namkhai Norbu, the Dzogchen Teacher, from Chetsang Kyabgon Rinpoche, the head lama of Drigung Kagyu School, and from Buddhist teachers Chime Rigdzin Rinpoche and Drubwang Rinpoche. But I didn’t find exhaustive answers. In 1992, I started to teach yoga, and in 1993, founded the Lilleoru Education Hub.

Period keywords: Dzogzhen; Buddhist lineages; Native American practices; founding of Lilleoru.

Vedic wisdom 1998 – 2002

A white temple was added to the power vortexes and holy places in Lilleoru, where one can experience the essence of silence. In 2002, when I was in India, I received a dedication to Vedic knowledge from Shri Muniraj, the leader of the Haidakhan Babaji ashrams. Since then, we have been conducting havans or Vedic fire ceremonies in Lilleoru enabling a live contact with the forces of nature.

Period keywords: Lilleoru temple and murti; teaching of Haidakhan Babaji; Vedic fire ceremonies.

In the woods 2001 – 2004

Together with the students, we had practiced many different approaches – opening the heart, mystical paths, etc. Although the experiences were powerful and full of new discoveries, they did not bring enough change in practical daily life. I practiced while living in the woods and went in-depth to understand this obstacle. During this period I discovered the power of the autopilot that determines our lives and what it consists of.

Period keywords: yogic practice; autopilot; life in the woods; studying natural phenomena; herbal remedies.

Turning point 2004 – 2007

In 2004, Acharya D. Ahlund dedicated me to Babaji Kriya Yoga that belongs to the Tamil 18 Siddhar Tradition. During the ceremony conducted in 2007 by M. G. Satchidananda, I became the master-teacher or acharya in the line of Babaji Kriya Yoga. I was given a spiritual name – Ishwarananda. With the advent of BKY, all of my previous knowledge was integrated into a complete picture, all pieces of the puzzle fell their place.

Period keywords: Babaji Kriya Yoga; acharya; Ishwarananda; Tamil 18 Siddhar Tradition.

Events in Lilleoru since 2007

More and more people came to Lilleoru to practice awareness in daily activities and to learn conscious cooperation. Out of limestone, we built the petals of the Flower of Life (park), where we planted medicinal plants. I initiated Kriya yantra in the heart of the Flower of Life and the Kali gate at the entrance, which marks the primal energy. We started with the Open Doors of Lilleoru and the place was visited by many reputable spiritual teachers.

Period keywords: Flower of Life Park; kriya yantra; Open Doors Days; Pilot Baba; toltec Grandfather Tlakael.

Birth of a New Teaching 2008

As a result of the yogic research, I noticed that the biggest obstacle to any change is the so-called autopilot, the subconscious. I devoted years to finding an inner technology that would help people get rid of the inner autopilot and raise their quality of life to a new level. In 2008, the Art of Conscious Change method (AoCC) was born to implement the qualities of consciousness, release emotions, and erase harmful mental concepts.

Period keywords: The Art of Conscious Change method; public speaking; Babaji Kriya Yoga initiations.

International growth since 2014

Over 2500 lectures have taken place in different countries. More than 16,000 people globally have been privy to the teachings today through AoCC courses, BKY initiations, and lectures. Invitations to radio in Estonia, Russia, and Luxembourg. An episode on Estonian National TV, in program “Eyewitness” (Pealtnägija). Among other things, in the US I participated in a debate on emotions with Dr. Albert Wong, Professor of Psychology.

Period keywords: Brazil; Russia; USA; Consciousness Hacking Meetup; several debates.

Academic contribution since 2016

In 2016, a dialogue was started with the academia, and I conducted a seminar on personal sustainability at the University of Karlsruhe. As a co-author, in March 2018, I talk about the new paradigm in “Personal Sustainability” – a scientific book published by Routledge. At the psychology congress Emotion Revolution in 2018 in Norway, I introduced an innovative approach to emotion management during a poster presentation.

Period keywords: sustainability; University of Karlsruhe; Routledge; Emotion Revolution; science; a New Paradigm.

Branch in India since 2017

In the state of Tamil Nadu, India, there is an area known as the place of residence of Siddhars. We have visited and supported this place since 2013. Local students have set up Siddhamed Farm on this holy hill. In 2018, the Sat Chit Ishwar Ananda temple and accommodation wing were completed. On the river bank of the territory there is a temple under construction and a Shiva place of special power called Paramatmeeswara.

Period keywords: India; Sat Chit Ishwar Ananda Temple; Kolli Hills; Siddhar Agastyar; Tamil 18 Siddhar Tradition.

Bestseller 2018

The first book, “Emotions. The Greatest Addiction of Mankind” published in March 2018, became a national bestseller overnight, was voted the best handbook of the year by readers and bookstores, and 8 reprints were made within one year. In addition, a book in English, “Turning Point”, outlining consciousness as a new paradigm and the “Stories of Conscious Change” narrating the unbelievable changes of people, were launched in 2018.

Period Keywords: books; bestseller of the year; “Emotions …”; “Turning Point…”; “Stories of Conscious Change”.

School opens in Lilleoru Hub

In the summer of 2018, the new main building (the School), an international training and competency center based on the Art of Conscious Change was opened in Lilleoru Hub. It’s the first school in the world built to provide education on practical consciousness. The building is also Europe’s largest reed pack building, built entirely by students and volunteers, who contributed over 40,000 hours of work to construction in five years.

Period keywords: new building opens – the School; GEN International Conference; AoCC 10th Anniversary.

Being a witness does not mean giving up! It simply means retaining awareness, not forgetting your ability to use the qualities of consciousness.