The capability to be aware of reality directly, as it is – this is the ability to see the Truth. By learning to release everything you are not – you’ll find Simplicity. Getting rid of troublesome reactions ends the creation of suffering for yourself and others – and Love is revealed. I teach practical consciousness to manifest these three principles.

It is a transformation that is realized through every person who uses the Teachings, uplifting mankind to our highest conscious potential.


During 25+ years, I have seen the lives of thousands of people change in a positive direction, and I can assure that the correct use of the Teachings provides an exit for problems and suffering. This inner technology allows for immediate and permanent change in behavior that is beneficial to both the individual and to the people around them, uplifting the lives of all. Change yourself and the world around you changes.

If we agreed to release our emotions, even for just one day, we would have a different humanity by tomorrow.

My Vision

Today, we are moving in the direction of increasing overwhelm, consumption, conflict, anger, burnout, depression, loneliness, and so on. Without changing our emotional agendas, there is a danger of destroying both ourselves and the planet we depend on. Since all people have consciousness and now also the technology to learn how to use it, I see hope for a more brighter future.

I envision a society that has both progress and balance – a New Paradigm where the use of consciousness as a leading force is standard. Where wisdom to direct the inner world and life is considered elementary. Humans, who in this way, become a beacon of natural wisdom, benevolence, happiness, and initiative – the Human 2.0.

“Unless people change their emotional tendencies, a change in the society is not possible.”