Ashram and Yogic Flower of Life Park

In 2018, we celebrated the 25th anniversary of Lilleoru.

At the heart of Lilleoru territory is the unique Flower of Life Park. It has a diameter of 120 meters and is based on the ancient pattern of creation.

All the structures in the Flower of Life Park have been initiated with ceremonies and have their own specific practical meaning and force.

The foundational teaching here is the Art of Conscious Change (AoCC), rooted in the 18 Siddhar Tradition and Babaji Kriya Yoga.

The Ishwarananda Ashram or retreat center for in-depth yogic studies is called Sat Chit Agastishwarar Gurukulam.

Birthplace of the Teachings

Lilleoru Education Hub is located in Aruvalla, a 25-minute drive from Tallinn, the capital of a North European country Estonia. Since its establishment in 1993, Lilleoru has been continually growing. The Hub is a financially independent entity, managed by the NGO Lilleoru and today hosts a public study and competency center (the School), an in-depth retreat center (Ishwarananda Ashram), and the Flower of Life Park which holds a deeper yogic significance.

Lilleoru Hub is the main place where I teach. This is where I developed the Art of Conscious Change (AoCC), which is the foundational teaching at Lilleoru. The deeper roots of the Teachings practiced lie in the ancient 18 Siddhar Tradition and Babaji Kriya Yoga (BKY). As part of the advanced training program I conduct Kriya Yoga initiations. We also hold Vedic fire ceremonies and continue to develop the sacred Flower of Life Park, and the Temple Forest. Over the years, we have studied and practiced the teachings of many traditions. These have always been focused on practices that are based on awareness and support conscious action.

Further studies and a retreat centre

There is a regular further studies program at Lilleoru, intended for students of mine who have dedicated themselves to the conscious path of yogic development. There are currently about 150 people who participate in this program, being also members of the NGO Lilleoru. The deeper purpose of the Teachings is to bring out the true essence of a person (True Self), who after having been liberated from karma and ego, can realize their full potential. The ultimate aim of the teachings is absolute harmony and identification with the omnipresent consciousness. In yoga, this is called Shiva.

For those who would like to continue further and develop an even deeper practice, we also have a retreat center (Ishwarananda Ashram), called Sat Chit Agastishwarar Gurukulam. There is a fixed daily schedule at the Ashram, and taking part in common daily activities, such as karma yoga, is part of the practice. If interested in practicing yoga here, please co-ordinate by writing to [email protected].
Lilleoru is also a member of two ashram networks of yoga lineages originating from India. Since 2004, Lilleoru belongs to the network of Babaji Kriya Yoga Centres and since 2002, to the family of ashrams of the Indian saint Haidakhan Babaji.

The sacred Flower of Life Park

At the heart of Lilleoru territory, there is the unique Flower of Life Park. The Flower of Life itself has a diameter of 120 meters and is based on the ancient pattern of creation. But there is much more to the park than just a beautiful outdoor space. The shape of the park, based on holy geometry, symbolizes the eternal teaching (Sanatana Dharma) that is practiced here: universal wisdom, without beginning or end, and beyond all religions. All the establishments in the Flower of Life Park have been initiated with ceremonies and have their own specific practical meaning and force.

The symbolic gate of the park is dedicated to the primal energy. When passing through the gate, accompanied by the ring of the bell, the guest is purified on a symbolic level before entering the holy place. The center of the Flower of Life Park is marked by a geometric shape or yantra that manifests the presence of Kriya Babaji, the source of the Kriya Yoga lineage. The life-size sculpture of bull Nandi, located on the Flower of Life, is the symbol of a perfect student and of absolute concentration. Near the circle of stones, the oldest shrine at Lilleoru, you can experience omnipresent consciousness, Shiva. Over the years, we have also marked out several other vortexes of power, being of different strength and effect, such as “the place to release past influences,” “the place of souls,” the Native American tipi, etc.
There is also an area in the Flower of Life Park where ancient fire ceremonies or havans take place. These ceremonies are part of the ancient yogic tradition, and enable to relate to different forces of nature.

Over time, the Flower of Life Park has become a sacred place, open to everyone. The harmony of the space helps people find peace of mind. Over the next few years, we plan to add several new structures (shrines) to the Flower of Life. If you want to participate in the creation of the Flower of Life Park, or support its creation in some other way, write to us at [email protected].

Conscious everyday action as a practice

The teaching we practice here involves consciously taking care of nature, so Lilleoru has a large permaculture garden. The garden has an organic certificate and contains three different sections: a vegetable garden, a herb garden and a flower garden. The forest area is being turned into a Temple Forest, and several educational and adventure trails for both children and adults are under construction.

Over the years, the activities performed at Lilleoru have changed the atmosphere here so, that it touches people on a deeper level. Visitors say that here they can experience peace, inner silence, and an elevated state of consciousness. The atmosphere brings relief and balance, and such an environment supports going deeper into yogic practices.

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