I am that, who I am

As a result of yogic practice, I reached that what all beings are searching for. I have gotten rid of false identifications and achieved simplicity. However, this kind of simplicity is by no means common in our modern the world, where we are taught to always “be somebody”, adopt a position, stand out, or fit in. Looking back I can say that simplicity is not primitive or unsophisticated. Simplicity is a shortcut out of complexity.

I represent the ancient wisdom of the 18 Tamil Siddhars and have been teaching this for more than 25 years. I started exploring my inner world back in 1980 and turned to teaching when people began asking me to share what I had discovered. I created the Art of Conscious Change method (AoCC) in 2008, as Acharya Ishwarananda I initiate people into Babaji Kriya Yoga, and I am responsible for conducting the in-depth yogic study programs at Lilleoru, the main Hub.

In addition to lectures, workshops and initiations,
teaching includes several other activities

Lilleoru Education Hub and its’ Main Training Center – the School

Flower of Life Park and the Center of Yogic Studies – the Ashram

Public speaking at conferences and festivals, on TV and radio

Social contribution, research activity and charity projects

Pilgrimages to holy places and to places related to the Siddhars

Ceremonies – initiations, fire ceremonies, Native American sweat lodges

Also known as Ishwarananda

I was born into an ordinary family and experienced hardships of life like all others. My background is not in literature, philosophy or any other theories. I have no worldly university degree. Just the opposite, growing up in the midst of nature, I’m more of a “man of the woods”, closer to nature, a practitioner.

It is paradoxical that we know more about the outer world, about space and nanoparticles than we do about our own potentials, inner world and being human. There is innovation happening in many areas, but to date there have been no breakthroughs in the approach to human nature. Most modern solutions provide only short-term relief, temporary results.

Because of my nontraditional background, I have been able to investigate human nature and life from a completely different, yogic perspective. In doing so, I made discoveries and found new solutions that are radically different than anything seen before.

I have used the qualities of my consciousness in the yogic manner, and as an empiricist (see Wikipedia) study life directly, just as the Siddhars, the ancient scientists, did. After my initiation in 2007 as the Acharya of Babaji Kriya Yoga, I am also known by my spiritual name, Ishwarananda.

In 1993 I founded the Lilleoru Education Hub, which now consists of an open study and proficiency center, a retreat center for advanced studies, a permaculture garden, and the Flower of Life Park, which holds yogic significance. After years of work, I launched the AoCC in 2008 and the Human 2.0 program in 2012. In 2018 Lilleoru opened it’s new main building – the School.

I was searching for answers to my own questions and ended up finding solutions for all of us. My mission is to spread wisdom about these inner tools and technologies that help you not only overcome obstacles, but rid yourself of them for good.

Unbelievable, but it has taken 25+ years to extract, formulate and simplify the teaching.

Learn in two days, how to change your behaviour instantly

What others say about me

“Correct knowledge is like the right key in the right lock as it opens the door. False knowledge is like a bunch of keys, none of which fit the keyhole.”