On March 2nd Ingvar celebrated his birthday with a gathering at the School in Lilleoru. He thanked everyone who came from near and far to congratulate him, for all the good wishes.

The tradition of celebrating Ingvar’s birthday in Lilleoru with students has been followed for over 20 years. Students see the birthday of their teacher as one of the highlights of the year, an opportunity to express gratitude and rejoice together. In 2018 more than 150 people came to Lilleoru, and dozens of people joined via livestreaming over Skype. Plus, birthday wishes were sent through Facebook, emails, WhatsApp, SMS.

People started to gather hours before the official start of the celebrations, helping with preparations. On this day students usually sing a mantra with Ingvar’s spiritual name to welcome him, creating an uplifting atmosphere. Congratulations lasted for over an hour, giving all people the opportunity to personally hand over their flowers, gifts and good wishes.

The day continued with a spontaneous thank you speech and a lecture from Ingvar. The teacher shared: “Everything that I teach to you, is what I myself live by. Life is actually very simple. By using the correct inner tools, everyone can bring out their natural well-being, peace, and goodness. People usually look for something special, outstanding miracles and therefore fail to recognize the actual path. But it is already a miracle that you have come to the teaching. Every step you take along this path is a miracle. You are a miracle!”

Everyone was deeply touched when Ingvar sang a gratitude song in dedication to his primary teacher, joined by students. Of course, a birthday cake and Lilleoru herbal tea was also served. Ingvar spent the evening with family members and as he expressed on Facebook later on, that too was “super”.

News compiled by: Helena Lass

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