Human 2.0 is a vision of an upgraded human

I’m talking about a person who:

Possesses powerful inner potentials, and cherishes life while being accompanied by the goodness of the True Self in his/her activities.

After having released his/her reactions, has no emotional conflicts or mind-caused misunderstandings.

Human 2.0 is a person whose emotions and thoughts are no longer automatically activated. The opposite, reversed position, appears. This life is no longer controlled by autopilot, but now belongs to the person themselves. And one needs to learn to direct it while remaining aware.

The next level of human development

Everybody knows that sometimes it is necessary to upgrade the computer programs to the next level. Human 2.0 can be considered as a human being who possesses knowledge that gives him much greater independence and freedom than before. Compared to the currently dominant emotional-mental paradigm, it is the next level of human development. Human 2.0 is based on the new paradigm, an approach where consciousness and its seven actively used qualities come first as the leading force. But unlike a computer program, the next level of a human being emerges when we simplify existing complexities rather than create new ones. In this way, Human 2.0 also means restoring our original perfection by getting rid of all superfluous automatic reactions.

How do you recognize Human 2.0?

Human 2.0 is a person who is aware of his true essence (True Self), user of consciousness and realism-based logic. Deliberately modifies a course or theme of action to align it with his or others’ needs. Can independently release the inner obstacles that arise. Is able to distinguish between important and unimportant. Is able to create new ways of doing things. Is initiative-taking, knows the potential possibilities and works independently to develop them.

A conscious person can look like anything from the outside. If s/he uses only awareness, s/he will look calm, alert, yet relaxed, here and now, in the moment, and aware of what is going on in her/his chosen segment of reality. In addition, s/he can consciously use emotions, that is, choose any look or expression. No random thoughts circulate in the head of a conscious person; s/he only thinks of what is needed and when it is needed.

Human 2.0 is:

… a conscious person who is in the moment 24/7;

… aware of reality and only uses information that is consistent with reality;

… a wise and active person who knows what s/he is doing and is purposeful;

… understanding the causes and consequences of his actions, free from conflict;

… in accordance with the laws of nature and the changes resulting therefrom;

… creative, always finding the best solution in line with reality;

… a benevolent person who establishes and maintains good, supportive relationships;

… cooperative, able to work towards a common goal;

… a person who has a firm footing because s/he is experiencing True Self;

… one for whom it is elementary to know how to change one’s life independently;

… free from all mental problems, acting in the best way possible.

“Stopping thoughts” technique

Practical and simple, yet with powerful consequences. Pay attention.

Focus. When you think, your vocal cords move along. Discover it. Try to think a little louder; then you will feel it better. This is not a very strong movement. Make some kind of a mental sound – say “aaaa,” a high “aaaa.” Do you feel how your vocal cords get tense? What is that tension? It’s the vocal cords. They are muscles. Relax those muscles. Just do it – just like you always relax your muscles. Keep your vocal cords relaxed and notice what happened to your thinking? If you did it practically, you may notice that all your thoughts vanished.

But, what is left? Note that you still exist, in silence. That you are conscious. This is your own practical experience of consciousness.

Human 2.0 starts from here, with continuing this quiet consciousness – the life of a New Human.

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One of the biggest tragedies that can befall upon a person is to live without ever discovering their own awareness.