Hubs all over the world

By now more than 16,000 people have learned practical consciousness through lectures, courses, and initiations.

My main place of teaching is Estonia. Regular activities take place in Lilleoru Hub, where both the publicly open School building and the retreat center for deeper yogic practices are located. Lectures and the courses of the Art of Conscious Change (AoCC) are also held in major Estonian cities.
New Hubs are added every year, and during the past 10 years, I have also started to teach abroad: in USA, Austria, Russia, Germany, Macedonia, Luxembourg, India, Brazil, etc.

Lilleoru is the main place where I teach

I founded Lilleoru in 1993, so that people could study and practice the application of consciousness here. The Art of Conscious Change and Babaji Kriya Yoga, both rooted in Tamil 18 Siddhar Tradition, are the main teachings practiced. The goal of studies at Lilleoru is the masterful use of one’s inner tools to first get rid of worldly problems; and then to discover and unlock our potential. This activity will lay the foundation for a happier and more fulfilling life. Practical consciousness as a leading force in life is the hallmark of Lilleoru Education Hub.

In 2018, the 25th anniversary of Lilleoru was celebrated and a new main building – The School – opened. The Flower of Life Park, located at the heart of Lilleoru territory, is a beautiful landscape with deeper meaning and influence that supports spiritual evolution. The activities performed in Lilleoru for decades have changed the atmosphere here so, that it touches people on a deeper level. People share that they experience serenity, peace, inner silence, and elevated awareness. Here you can find that which brings balance and relief.

The main building – School

The School at Lilleoru Education Hub is the homebase for the Art of Conscious Change, an international training center based on it, Lilleoru Elementary School and the Foundation for Future Education. The new building was built by students and volunteers in order to also grant others the opportunity to learn the skills they themselves use on a daily basis. After five years of construction, the building was opened in the summer of 2018, when Lilleoru hosted an international conference on sustainable development with more than 500 delegates from 46 countries.

Deeper yogic studies

The in-depth training and retreat center at Lilleoru, bears the name of Sat Chit Agastishwarar Gurukulam. Here studies take place for those of my students who are dedicated to the yogic path. Advanced levels of practice on AoCC and Babaji Kriya Yoga are prerequisites. Here it is possible to focus on practices over a longer period, and do so under the guidance of the teacher.
If you want to come for practice, you must coordinate your interest by writing to

Branch in Tamil Nadu, India

India is a place where the legacy of knowledge has never been interrupted. Provided that you know exactly what you are seeking, it is possible to discover links to understand the essence of deeper natural principles. Our branch center is located in the Kolli Hills, an area accessible by special permits, known as the place of residence of Siddhars, the ancient yogic scientists. There are a number of older and newer initiated power vortexes where one can meditate and train for a sharper distinction of subtle phenomena, perform yoga and consciousness practices.

In Europe, Russia, and the USA

People from many places around the world have contacted and invited me to share the Teachings. Regular courses and workshops are held in Russia and in the USA ( I have taught practical consciousness to technology enthusiasts with a Silicon Valley background at Consciousness Hacking meetup, and as a charity event in the Blind Society of San Francisco. There have also been many exciting debates in the US on consciousness and emotions.

start with practical consciousness

Awareness is the basis. Your eyes will open. The picture will become clear. Therefore, the advent of consciousness is also referred to as enlightenment. Consciousness is the light.