NEW! Conversations with Ingvar: “Three Hidden Aspirations” (in EST; ENG translation), @Online

The lecture is part of a NEW series “Conversations with Ingvar” (In Estonian, with translation option into ENG).

Topic on July 2nd: “Three Hidden Aspirations”

There are moments in life where we pause to look back – review what has remained unattainable, what is important i.e. what we value above all else, and what is ultimately worth striving for.

Looking back, we can identify three main needs that have directed most of our activities.
What are they?
First, have you noticed that already from an early age, you have been craving to be happy? Second, have you noticed that this has been followed by the need to be somebody? And finally, have you noticed that you are trying to have control to keep it all together?

These three needs have become so inherent to us that we no longer notice to have them as we go about our daily lives. These needs make us strive faster, farther and higher, hoping to achieve satisfaction and the life of our dreams, without realizing that we are pursuing something that can never be attained by catering to these three needs.
Why is it like that?
For example, if on one day you eventually get the job or position you desired, how do you feel? Does the desire to be somebody disappear? Or the next goal appears with a new job/position to covet?
Why do we have such aspirations? Why do we pursue something that immediately creates a new aspiration? Do we always have to achieve something in order to be happy? Will our aspirations ultimately lead us to attain the goal? Or is all this one insidious trap where we end up losing ourselves? Is it an effort to find some stability and hope for a better life? The urge to be happy or the need to be somebody remains to be accompanied by a constant desire to have control.

In this conversation, Ingvar explores these three needs in detail – the needs that are so common to all of us, permeating our lives in every possible way.

International timings:
6:00 – 7:30 PM CET;
7:00 – 8:30 PM EEST;
9:00 – 10:30 AM PST.

The lecture will take place in Estonian with translation option into ENG. Please note that translation is available only on special request. We kindly ask you to let us know that you need a translation in advance by writing to [email protected]. We may not be able to provide a translation without prior notice.

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2. July 2020


18:00 - 19:30


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