Lecture: “Why am I Unintentionally Hurting Others? How to Forgive?” @Viljandi

Lecture by: Ingvar Villido

Why is it often the case that we hurt the one’s dearest to us?
How can we learn to notice the pain in ourselves to stop hurting others?
How to deal with a relationship that causes pain and suffering? How can I release this pain?
How do I forgive myself and those who have hurt me?

The public lectures are a good way to get a notion about Ingvar Villido’s core teaching of how to practically use awareness and to also gain additional knowledge and skills. When using the techniques acquired at the lectures in a practical way, one can conduct major changes in the their life. The questions are asked by the participants and involve topics of human nature, of being on a spiritual path and concerns related to everyday problems and issues.

The lectures are open to both newcomers and long-time practitioners. Lectures are held in Estonian. Please let the organizer know beforehand if you need simultaneous translation into English. Pre-registration is not necessary. More about lectures, webinars and masterclasses.

I usually engage you into the exploration so that the topic would be well understood and practically usable. Either to understand why these or other things are the way they are or to change something in your life. Participate actively. Do it for your own sake. 

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13. November 2019


19:00 - 20:30


15 €


Grand Hotel
11 Tartu St., 71004, Viljandi, Estonia