In-Depth Yogic Travel: Pilgrimage @India

Yogic travel to North-India’s tantric sacred sites and holy places with Acharya Ishwarananda

Yogic pilgrimages with Acharya Ishwarananda have taken place since 2001. The main reason to visit India is because of the legacy that has been preserved there uninterrupted for thousands of years – the ancient knowledge of man, nature, the universe and its laws. For a student, a pilgrimage is an opportunity to test the skills they have learned, to develop and adjust the ability to master consciousness, and to gain life-changing experiences and knowledge. The photo album of previous travels can be seen here.

More about pilgrimages and visiting holy places.

Main travel destinations in January 2020

Kolkata (Calcutta), West Bengal – Kalighat Kali and Tarapith
Visiting the tantric yogi and aghori Avadutha Satpurananda (if possible)
Assam – Parasuram Kund, Kaziranga National Park
Varanasi – holy city of Kashi and temples, Ganges

Max group size: 30 people
Registration deadline: September 20, 2019

Prerequisites to participate in the trip

The main prerequisite is the ability to apply the qualities of consciousness and to remain in inner silence while performing various activities. The route is long and complicated, the roads are very poor and living conditions primitive, and there is constant military surveillance in some areas. Traveling requires both mental and physical readiness.

If more people wish to join than one group accommodates, teacher Ishwarananda will review the requests and choose the participants. The primary group will then be identified and the following steps can be taken between September and October: Gathering passport copies, photos and prepayments; applying for permits to enter certain areas of Assam and Arunachal Pradesh. Once the permits have been obtained, and the group is fixed, we can proceed to booking tickets and move on to other travel arrangements.

Additional costs not included in the price:
India visa (80 $, approx. 72 €)
Airline tickets (arriving in Kolkata and returning from Varanasi)
Additional overnight stay in Delhi or Kolkata, if required
Travel and health insurance
Taxi if needed, lunch and dinner
Temple passes and donations

Contact: +372 5649 9199 (Ave Oit)
e-mail: [email protected]

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19. January 2020 - 31. January 2020


12:00 - 12:00


Starting from 2900 €