NEW! Conversations with Ingvar: Consciously or on Autopilot? (in EST; ENG translation), @Online

The lecture is part of a NEW series “Conversations with Ingvar” (In Estonian, with translation option into ENG).

Topic on September 24th: Consciously or on Autopilot?

We all do things the way we have been used to doing. Because we find it more convenient and suitable for ourselves. Our whole life is full of such habits – the habit of taking precisely that position, making those particular choices. If we ask ourselves – why such a choice, then the answer usually is that for us, it seems to be the correct way. But why does this choice seem more right than others? Why does one person see this to be right, and to another person, something different seems right? The cause for this lies in our habits – we tend to make choices the way we have made them in our past. In other words, it’s about the autopilot. In this way, on autopilot, you can easily spend all of your life. But what is a life like that worth?

Are you satisfied that the majority of your energy and resources are used up by the networks known as the autopilot network (the Default Mode Network), sparing almost nothing to develop new networks and skills with? It is about the wise use of resources available that determines the difference between becoming a genius or spending life on routine.

Most people probably agree that they run on autopilot most of the time. Surely you have experienced that on a familiar path, you can drive home from work almost oblivious to the surroundings. If we do something we have learned long ago – such as driving a car, cooking, washing dishes – we are on the so-called default mode, without paying attention to our activities. When we react to some events or something somebody said, it’s still the same automatic process. For example, if someone says that you are doing the wrong thing or that your idea will not do.

If awareness is not in use, it is probably correct to call such a person to be “sleeping” or “non-conscious.” Everything that happens during that time is out of your control or subconscious, being unaware of it. We are used to behaving in such a way and don’t ever doubt that it could be different. Automatic reactions or habits deprive us of the ability to live from the conscious state.

We learn to operate like this, on autopilot, from a very early age. We learn that by imitating and repeating. We usually do things the way others do: repeating what we have seen others do; or have heard stories about how others did it. At the same time, innovation means doing something that others have not yet done!

So how are things with innovation and inspiration? How to reach the moment of Aha!? Have you at all noticed what you do day in and day out? Do things in your life happen automatically or according to your own will? Who is in charge of your awareness while you are not? What if it is possible to wake up from this dream and become fully aware of your own autopilot? Can the conscious state become part of your regular daily life? And what is consciousness, the conscious state, and awareness? What qualities become possible when one learns to notice and release this automation?

In this conversation, Ingvar Villido enables us to shift our attention from autopilot to conscious action, creating an opportunity for innovation.

International timings:
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The lecture will take place in Estonian with translation option into ENG. Please note that translation is available only on special request. We kindly ask you to let us know that you need a translation in advance by writing to [email protected]. We may not be able to provide a translation without prior notice.

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24. September 2020


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