Babaji Kriya Yoga Level III Initiation, @Lilleoru

The initiation is conducted by Ingvar Villido Ishwarananda, Acharya of Babaji Kriya Yoga

Prerequisites: Students are required to have completed the BKY Level I and Level II initiations (and the Art of Conscious Change (AoCC) courses I-II)

During the first two initiations, you have learned 35 techniques, including 18 positions of Kriya Hatha Yoga. You do not need to have mastered all of them to participate in Level III initiation, but you must have a regular practice in place, including at least the techniques acquired in Level I.

What will be addressed during BKY Level III Initiation

This is a week-long and intense retreat (8 full days). It is full of study and practice of advanced techniques that form the last part of the perfect system of Babaji Kriya Yoga, which consists of 144 techniques. This includes meditations, breathing techniques, additional Kriya Hatha Yoga postures, techniques to activate chakras and higher potentials. This initiation includes five techniques to enter different levels of Samadhi.

More about Babaji Kriya Yoga here.

The initiation is held in Estonian; For international students we provide simultaneous translation into English, Russian and German (with prior notice). After you have completed the online registration, the organizer will send you a more detailed registration form to be completed; Based on this the Teacher will give his permission for you to participate.

We kindly ask you to pay the participation fee for the initiation as a prepayment at least ten days before the start of the retreat by making a transfer to the bank account of NGO Lilleoru EE822200221017045549 at Swedbank. Please comment in the explanation “Level 3 initiation”. If agreed, you can also pay in cash once you arrive. If it is not possible for you to pay the whole amount at once, please contact us to find a solution. You can repeat the course for the price of 575 €. The fee includes teaching, simple accommodation and meals.

Contact: +372 56 66 94 55 (Anne-Ly Naukas)
e-mail: [email protected]

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6. August 2020 - 14. August 2020


19:30 - 18:00


1150 €

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Ashram house
Lilleoru, Aruvalla Village, Rae Munipality, Harjumaa, Estonia