Art of Conscious Change V, @Lilleoru

Teacher: Ingvar Villido (in Estonian)

Note: This is an advanced course and it’s required to first pass AoCC Course I-II, AoCC III and AoCC IV before registering.

Course V is the final part of Art of Conscious Change (AoCC) course series and focuses on integrating the newly discovered tools of a Human 2.0 into everyday life: how to apply consciousness to work with information, conduct analysis and carry out activities.

The AoCC V completes your studies, teaching how to align all the previously learned skills and take your activities across multiple areas of life to a fundamentally new level. You will learn a sequence of action that radically increases both your effectiveness and endurance in whatever you set out to do. A person who has made the conscious state their daily norm is the best companion and most valued colleague, being highly resourceful, innovative and productive. Such a person knows what and how to do, quickly comprehends the root-causes of obstacles and is able to finds immediate solutions without interrupting the flow of activities. You will experience opening of potentials as well as possibilities.

In Course V of AoCC, you will learn to:

  • orientate in existing information and analyze it critically;
  • understand gaps where where you lack accurate information;
  • find what is the information you need, how to get and integrate it into activities;
  • spot the optimal solutions on-the-go, being able to adjust and pivot with ease;
  • be fully conscious of all chosen activities, consciously starting, executing, changing, influencing and finalizing them;
  • act in the most optimal manner, being able to create space for other important activities you want to start.

Final session as webinar on 27.02.2020 at 6:30-9:30PM 

The follow-up session will provide an opportunity to adjust your techniques, ask clarifying questions, get useful feedback and further guidance, to ensure that you are able to apply everything you have learned in your daily life. For example, the instructor may provide additional knowledge or skill if it could help the participants in their growth.

To repeat the course with a discounted price of -50%, please write to us at [email protected] before you register.

Contact: +372 621 0108 (Human LLC)
e-mail: [email protected]

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15. February 2020


10:00 - 17:00


250 €

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Main building (School)
Lilleoru, 2 Taevasmaa St., Aruvalla Village, Rae Municipality, Harjumaa, Estonia