Advanced Training Program: Practice, @Lilleoru

Led by: Ingvar Ishwarananda

This practice occurs monthly and is part of the advanced training program. At these regular gatherings, the teacher conducts practices, shares new wisdom or at times initiates through silence, sound (mantra) or activity (ceremony). Students can also ask for guidance and clarification about personal practices, changes that have taken place, and different experiences.

The practice provides students with an opportunity to gain an even deeper experience of their qualities of consciousness – strengthening the foundation for noticing new layers awaiting discovery and release. Through consciousness, the subtle phenomena of the inner world are explored, with an aim to develop a capability to distinguish between them. Students also learn how to describe their discoveries about the subtle and abstract phenomena, “decoding” the wisdom that comes through silence. The teacher uses clarifying questions to correct and direct attention to nuances the person might have missed.

Practices are for the members of the NGO Lilleoru

The advanced training practices are for people who have joined the advanced study program (members of the NGO Lilleoru). The practice is held in Estonian; for international members-students we provide  simultaneous translation into English, Russian and German and live-streaming via internet.

To join the advanced training program and become the member of the NGO, it is required to pass at least I-II course of the Art of Conscious Change with an intention to continue on the path of practical consciousness. For more information write: [email protected]

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15. February 2020


19:30 - 21:30


Main building (School)
Lilleoru, 2 Taevasmaa St., Aruvalla Village, Rae Municipality, Harjumaa, Estonia