The first book in English: “Turning Point…”

“Turning Point. The Teaching that Radically Changes Everything You Know About Human Nature and Potentiality”

“Turning Point …” is in English.

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Innovative view on the human being

In July 2018 the first book in English was published: “Turning Point. The Teaching that Radically Changes Everything You Know About Human Nature and Potentiality.”

The prologue to the book “The Turning Point …” reads: “This book suggests a new and radically different perspective on human nature. My approach to a human is not based on theoretical ideas, but on decades of my own empirical research. It is based on careful observation and insights about how contemporary society shapes and teaches each individual to become who they are. I compared this data with knowledge preserved in ancient cultures, discoveries from my own personal experience and ones that I observed in thousands of my students. As a result of which it has been possible to discern what is inherently human and what not, distill the essentials about how we function, what is our actual potential, the origin of our problems, and how to get rid of them.”

Old and New Paradigm

The message of the book is the observation that acting through automatic reactions causes most of mankind’s problems. This way of living is the so-called old paradigm. The new paradigm is the action and lifestyle based on daily use of awareness. It is a view of man where the focus is on discovering, learning to apply, and prioritizing one’s own consciousness, rather than overemphasizing existing automatic thoughts and emotions. The book states that consciousness is truly inherent to us, whereas emotions and the thinking mind is the product of society, acquired through learning.

Based on both Villido’s own personal experience and that of hundreds of students, the book describes how life without any negative emotions is not only possible, but normal to man. The book is a manual type handbook. It is intended for anyone who is interested in understanding and changing their inner world, and who wants to embark on their own path to improving their quality of life.

Excerpt from the book “Turning Point …”:

“Today, your life is driven by automation – it’s robotic. Your emotions are automatically activated. Thinking, by its very nature is a flow of information, and is considered to be such an important feature of being human besides emotions that at the expense of it, the use of the intellect has been completely neglected.

Thinking is also an automatic process. Although widespread nowadays, automatic activation of emotions and thoughts is far from being natural to humans. Paradoxically, the greatest potentials of human existence remain unexplored, and thus, their unique value and power have not been revealed.”

– Ingvar Villido, “Turning Point. The Teaching that Radically Changes Everything You Know About Human Nature and Potentiality.”

Table of Contents

How to Take Most Out of This Book?
Chapter 1: Humanity on the Wrong Track
Chapter 2: Discovering the Roots of Suffering
Chapter 3: The Forgotten Power
Chapter 4: Radical Restructuring
Chapter 5: Who Are You?
Chapter 6: The New Paradigm
Chapter 7: Where to Next?
Further Learning Options
About the author

The book: 192 pages, A5, paperback
Languages: English
First print: 2018
ISBN: 978-9949-88-523-7
Publisher: Human OÜ

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Character is the most frequently activated set of reactions. Character consists of emotions, thoughts, and the resulting behavior. If you know how to change these components, character also will change immediately.