“Emotions. The Greatest Addiction of Mankind”

At the premiere, this long-awaited book set an Estonian record – the line to get their copies signed by the author on March 5 lasted 3 hours, during which 338 books were purchased.

The book became a nationwide bestseller in 3 months.

Best-selling book 2018 of the bookstore chain “Rahva Raamat.”

Winner of the 2018 Best Handbook Award by readers of the Apollo bookstore chain.

In February 2019, the tenth reprint was issued.

Everyone’s life is determined by emotions

Everyone’s quality of life is determined by emotions. All our woes, from family quarrels to social clashes and ecological disasters, are the result of automatically activated emotions and lack of the use of awareness. Emotions affect all of our activities, with very specific consequences for you, others, or those around you.

Emotions often lead to wrong decisions that must be regretted later. They make you cling to people, things, ideas, or beliefs. They create values and confrontations but are also a measure of well-being and satisfaction in everything and for everyone. Being guided by the qualities of consciousness is still little known, and dependence of emotions is widespread. In order to feel good, positive emotions are continually pursued in the entire world by the most varied means, and people live without ever tasting real happiness.

Any change starts with you

This book has been written for those who are already looking for a change. As well as for those who do not yet know what they want or who have accepted the inevitability. I hope that the knowledge presented on these pages will spread and that the practical application of this knowledge will contribute to a fundamental change, opening up new doors and opportunities in your life today. By releasing more and more of your autopilot, you discover that you have been dependent on it all your life – you discover that you cannot even use your own emotions, as autopilot has so far activated them for you. All change starts from you. Based on the Art of Conscious Change (AoCC), this book talks about how to change in a holistic and novel way.

Excerpt from the book:

“No-one knows where insight comes from; neither can anyone “make it come.” It just comes. By studying insight as a phenomenon, not the contents of what was received through it, one can discover that it has happened to every human being. From this, it can be concluded that insight as a process is the same for everyone, but the information that comes from insight is different and individual. This brings us to the most ancient source of knowledge that no-one knows anything about. No-one knows its age, scope, shape, or form. Obviously, it has existed before us. It must have been. Everything we know today as humanity actually comes from this source. I wonder what other knowledge it might have? ”

– Ingvar Villido, “Emotions. The Greatest Addiction of Mankind,” p. 17

Table of Contents

PART I – Reaching Yourself

Why are emotions so important?; Knowledge and emotions; What are emotions?; Where do emotions come from?; How do emotions change the body?; The journey through the subconscious; Acquiring emotions; The character can be changed; Insight is changing the world; Why release emotions?; A five-sensor computer that controls your life; Only one reality; Traditional emotion management techniques; Your five-body hierarchy.

PART II – Managing Your Life

Motivation or awareness; A junction of problems and solutions; Navigation in the inner world; The three parts of mental body; Discovery of the intellect; Towards the True Self; What is love?; The first technique to release emotions; The second technique to release emotions; Special cases; Ability to influence your physical body; You don’t have to suffer!; You have all what you need; To be the peak of evolution; Getting rid of mankind’s greatest dependency; A new human.

More: the Art of Conscious Change; my background; consciousness and awareness – what are they?

learn to release emotions at acc I-II

Even if you take on different actions to activate positive emotions, that does not mean that your negative emotions are now gone. They’re still here, and you don’t really know how to actually become free of them.