“Masters of Their Destiny – Real-Life Stories of Conscious Change”

Fourteen true stories that would traditionally be called a miracle.

Not only have people, by applying the knowledge of the Art of Conscious Change, rid themselves of their illnesses, relationship problems, etc., they have taken their professional abilities to a whole new level.

The book was published in 2018.

Inspiring advancements and changes

This book contains fourteen true stories of solutions to situations that are conventionally considered to be unsolvable using the techniques of the Art of Conscious Change (AoCC). The book gives everyone a new perspective on understanding what is happening to them and the certainty that there are no unsolvable situations in the world.

The following people tell their stories honestly and frankly:

Toivo Aalja – A successful entrepreneur talks about his amazing escape from serious illness and brave changes.
Reet Aus – A fashion designer, one of the 20 most influential women entrepreneurs in the Nordic countries, a University lecturer and a single mother of three kids tells you how she can do it all.
Toomas Õunap – A former major entrepreneur reveals what supported him in overcoming bankruptcy of millions and a number of lawsuits and how he unleashed his true vocation.
Helen Kool – A mother of seriously ill twins on coping with extreme stress situations and daring to give up her job to start her own business.
Roman Rein – An IT entrepreneur, recovered by himself from severe Crohn’s disease, considered incurable.
Jakob Käba – Found the inner tools to finally get rid of severe alcoholism that had turned fatal to his family.
Piret Ärm – Became free of dependency on prescription drugs, overcame chronic anxiety disorder, and conquered her weight problem.
Aigi Vahing – A TV presenter and actress no longer suffers from bulimia, self-deprecation, workaholism or relationship addiction.
Karin – A housewife, who saved her close relationship from a crisis, overcame intimate life problems and achieved an enjoyable sex life.
Ahti Sepsivart – An architect and designer proved that everyone can get rid of depression, however deep it may be.
Kerti Rand – Used her engineer’s courage and volunteered on building a unique schoolhouse to find the right vocation and create her own business.
Annika Nõmberg – A dancer and yoga teacher provides a recipe for making impossible dreams come true.
Eve Soppe – A real-estate businesswoman who obtained the courage to make dramatic turns in her career and life.
Ave Oit – 25 years of being a student of Ingvar Villido has led to the leadership of a community like no other and building a school that is unique in the world.

Birth story of the teaching that transformed everything we knew about a human being

In the book, I also talk about my journey: “Suddenly many otherworldly stories, statements and titles; descriptions of actions and remarks on mystical people, their abilities; testimonies and descriptions of experiences and traditional Oriental knowledge came to my attention. I didn’t always understand what it was about. I studied the literature; and I practiced – I wanted to find evidence through my own experience whether what I read was practically possible or it was hogwash. But all the time there was something missing. The thing I didn’t know, but I felt it had to be somewhere, was – the system.

After 30 years of research, I finally understood the system. It probably wouldn’t have happened if I had not previously collected, delved into, and had an insight into the individual fragments of the whole system. Understanding the system finally gave the most important answer to the question of “who I am” and “what I am not.” What is my relationship with all the rest? What needs to be done and what does not need to be done? What is development and what is the decline; which course to keep, what is the ultimate goal of life, and how to get there?”

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