Co-author of a scientific book

In March 2018, one of the world’s leading scientific publishers, Routledge, published a book entitled “Personal Sustainability,” breaking ground for a new direction of research. With a trans-disciplinary focus in mind, I was invited to co-author and contribute from a practitioner’s perspective. My research paper is on the primacy of consciousness entitled “Awareness as a New Paradigm for Personal Sustainability: A Practitioner’s View on Sustainable Development.”

In mainstream approaches, the intra and interpersonal aspects of sustainability are largely overlooked. The aim of this work is to fill this gap. The 214-page collection contains 12 papers from international researchers and practitioners whom the editors call pioneers of this new field of research. Read more here.

“Emotions. The Greatest Addiction of Mankind” – Estonia’s bestseller of 2018 and handbook of the year 

The “Turning Point” is practical and precise – a manual of the new paradigm based on the primacy of consciousness

“Masters of their Destiny…” tells 14 inspirational and true stories of awareness, miracles and endless potential

Hundreds of audio-recordings

To date, over 2500 lectures have been held. Based on the participants’ questions, we explore awareness, self-development, and the various aspects of human nature; I have spoken on many topics, including yoga, use of time, true freedom, relationships, etc. These workshops include both – wisdom and experience, I often supervise practice.

In recent years, most of public speaking events have also been recorded with high-quality audio technology, resulting in hundreds of audio recordings – good material to listen to on vacation! Audio recordings will shortly be available in online shop, stay tuned.

It is a great mistake to believe that others cause your suffering – to believe that someone else is to be blamed. All your reactions to the world take place within you. You don’t need to change others or the world, but your own reactions.