My relationship with Babaji Kriya Yoga

Babaji Kriya Yoga helped me to integrate all the knowledge I had acquired into a functional whole.

In 2007, my initiation into Babaji Kriya Yoga Acharya took place. I was given a spiritual name – Ishwarananda.

Continuous use of awareness is a prerequisite for properly performing and practicing Kriya Yoga techniques.

What is most important for the advancement of Babaji Kriya Yoga, is the guidance by Kriya Babaji.

Conscious action – this is kriya.

Awareness alongside with action

It has always been important for me to investigate how processes work in real life and how to use the resulting knowledge in practice.

I did my first pranayama at the age of 14, based on a description I read in a magazine. I reached a much deeper state than the everyday consciousness, and it was only years later that I learned that this state had a name – turiya. Throughout my journey, I have acquired and practiced many teachings, but looking back now, I can say that none of them were complete and did not answer all the important questions. Babaji Kriya Yoga (BKY) helped me to integrate all the knowledge I had acquired so far into a functional whole. Today, there is nothing but conscious action in my life. That is kriya.

My encounter to Babaji Kriya Yoga

There have always been guests in Lilleoru Hub, and at the beginning of 2000 a Buddhist friend brought me a book “Babaji and the 18 Siddha Kriya Yoga Tradition” by Marshall Govindan Satchidananda. One chapter of this book contained, among other things, a five-sentence description of the yogic five-body system of a human. I had dealt with the division of five bodies before, but it was at that moment, when reading these lines, that all my previous knowledge and experience settled into the right place. Through this understanding, I recognized the right source of knowledge. I contacted the author of the book and invited him to teach Babaji Kriya Yoga (BKY) in Estonia. The first initiation to BKY took place in Lilleoru in 2004.

My activities as acharya Ishwarananda

During one of his next visits to Estonia, M. Govindan Satchidananda asked me to start teaching Kriya Yoga, and in 2007, I was ordained as Master Teacher of Babaji Kriya Yoga or Acharya, and was given a spiritual name Ishwarananda (Ishvara – see Wikipedia). Since then, I have initiated people to BKY, being one of ten Acharyas who have the right to conduct all three levels of initiations. By 2018, more than fifty of my Kriya Hatha Yoga students have also passed the Kriya Hatha Yoga teacher training and are active in many parts of Estonia as kriya hatha-yoga teachers.

Babaji Kriya Yoga (BKY) is truly special. This special nature lies in the fact that the techniques contained in the BKY system are based on such a thorough knowledge of the mechanisms of our inner world that their influence goes beyond the bounds of common understanding. My reverence and respect for Babaji and the Mahasiddhas for sharing this high and deep knowledge with us!

Kriya Yoga techniques can be performed correctly if one is in the conscious state at least 90% of the time, so this is a prerequisite for practicing. Therefore, Babaji Kriya Yoga is considered very high teaching which does not open itself immediately.

At every step, life shows the obstacles that a person already has

In my experience, the effectiveness of the techniques depends on the stability of the awareness and ability to deepen during their implementation. However, as the Acharya of BKY, I noticed that students had difficulty applying these high-tech techniques.

While examining the causes of these difficulties, I found three main types of the obstacle: unstable awareness, or monkey-mind; automatically activating emotions; and an unsteady mind. Since students do not yet have the experience of the True Self, there is also no clear experiential understanding of “who I am” and “who I am not.” There is also no clear understanding of what is happening in the inner world, what is the role of the True Self in shaping our lives, and what opportunities Babaji Kriya Yoga (BKY) offers to unlock human potential. All these obstacles are, of course, karmic.

How to ensure the effectiveness of practice?

To help people overcome these obstacles faster and to perform practices more successfully, I have developed the Art of Conscious Change (AoCC) method. The AoCC is a new teaching that I created in collaboration with my teachers and is designed specifically to enable people to actively apply the qualities of their consciousness. Having noticed how critical the right preparation is to progress, today the prerequisites for receiving an initiation from me, is the completion of AoCC I-II course and implementation of the techniques.

However, what is most important for the advancement in Babaji Kriya Yoga (BKY), is guidance from Babaji. For that, Babaji has provided a special technique, or kriya, to develop the intellect and this ability to commune with him directly.

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