Third initiation of Babaji Kriya Yoga (BKY)

A yogi deals with approaching the Primordial, the Source. All activities are just means to get there.

The closer a person comes to the Source, the more he/she will experience its qualities.

Your relationship with the Universal Wisdom

For a better understanding of yoga, it is useful to look at the roots of yoga. Usually, people then think of India, but this is misleading. Yogis have always said: we have not invented yoga, it has been given to us. When trying to find out who then gave yoga, we always reach one and the same point – it came through insight, inspiration, and intuition… Yogis discovered that insight as a phenomenon occurs everywhere, and everyone has access to it, so they began to call this source a Universal Wisdom. The initiation includes activities conducted by Acharya that enable you to access this Universal Wisdom, forming a bridge between you and That.

What do you learn during this initiation?

Level III initiation of Babaji Kriya Yoga (BKY) is an intense week-long retreat during which we learn and practice advanced techniques that make up the last part of the perfect system of BKY. Level III techniques are associated with opening potentials and achieving self-realization, also containing three samadhi techniques. Practices are complemented by lectures on Kriya Yoga as a complete path of self-development and its ultimate goal.


After the initiation, it is possible to participate in the continuous education program. In Lilleoru, from autumn to spring, I regularly conduct monthly BKY level I – III satsangs. At these meetings, participants share the experiences they obtained from practicing, ask questions, and can clarify techniques with the Acharya.

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“The purpose of yoga is to return to where you came from – to Shiva, to God, to these heights. But before you can go there, you have to go through the cleansing process and get rid of all that doesn’t belong to that sphere.”