Second initiation of Babaji Kriya Yoga (BKY)

Various Babaji Kriya Yoga lineages have evolved over time. The lineage I teach consists of 144 techniques used by the Siddhas.

These techniques are also transforming, i.e., they accelerate evolution.

Siddhas are people that have achieved perfection. Perfection consists of perfect abilities. It can also be said that siddhas are people who have realized all their potential abilities and possibilities.

The highest form of teaching

In my eyes, Babaji Kriya Yoga (BKY) is the highest form of teaching that currently exists.

Enlightenment is considered to be a particularly high achievement in certain circles. There are many confusing explanations. For me, this means you have become into a conscious state. This means that you are constantly conscious, and at the same time you know that you are conscious. Let me bring a parallel: usually we experience things – tastes; what we see, think and feel, etc. Becoming conscious means that you have kind of “stepped out” of things – you are the one who knows that these things are there, but you are not fully involved in experiencing them – you have not lost your ability to be conscious of these things.

When you have accomplished a stable conscious state, then it is called enlightenment, which means you have risen above the influence of these things. Such an accomplishment has great advantages because it gives you the opportunity to use and manage the things you need. From the level of enlightenment, there is one more step towards your true essence – the discovery of the True Self.

What do you learn during this initiation?

These techniques are not just about attaining perfection. The techniques of Kriya Yoga are also transforming, i.e., they accelerate evolution. Awareness, not the mind or an emotion, is the driving force here.

Initiation into Level II of Babaji Kriya Yoga is an intensive weekend course, during which:

  • you will acquire techniques to activate energy centers (chakras);
  • you will learn how to use yogic techniques of rapid resting (yoga nidra) and inner silence (mauna yoga) to restore and save life energy (prana) and direct it towards achievements of the higher levels of consciousness;
  • we will learn many healing pranayamas (pranayama), including pranayama to transform the sexual energy;
  • you will learn to apply awareness during daily activities (nityananda kriya);
  • you will receive a personal mantra initiation from the Acharya.


After the initiation, it is possible to participate in a continuous education program. From autumn to spring, I conduct monthly regular Kriya Yoga I – III level satsangs In Lilleoru Hub, Estonia. At these meetings, participants share the experience they obtained from practicing, ask questions, and can clarify the techniques.

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“There is only one goal in yoga: to restore humans to their rightful position in regard to all creation and for each to be in charge of his/her own life, not to be directed by it. And of course, to reach your roots in order to discover your true potential.”