In May yogi Baba Kulavadhuta Satpurananda (Khyapa Baba), a practitioner and Buddhist yogi (Aghori) considered by many Lamas of the Tibetan Buddhist tradition to be a Siddha, came to Lilleoru to meet Ingvar Villido Ishwarananda. Baba was visiting Estonia to conduct some lectures on Tibetan Buddhism at the University of Tartu when he heard that Ishwarananda – the western yogi people in India were talking about, lives and teaches right here in Estonia.

From this video you will learn:

  • why the accomplished master (Khyapa Baba) was very interested to meet Ishwarananda
  • what did Baba feel and see in connection with Ishwarananda
  • what is synchronicity and how is it relevant in the life of a yogi?
  • Baba’s explanation about bliss, suffering and liberation

More about the meeting of two masters can be read here. The techniques Ingvar Villido Ishwarananda discovered and used during his own practice, and later on compiled into a systematic teaching (The Art of Conscious Change), can be learned during the 2-day course.

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