The fourth course of the AoCC – learning to master your intellect

All new discoveries, all innovation, has come to world through insight – by using the intellect.

What I teach has not been learned from books. I have gained this knowledge by using the very same intellect – by directly examining what is happening in real time, without departing from the so-called source. In doing so, I have discovered phenomena that are only described in theoretical terms in books.

Looking back at how far I have come along my path, I know that this is first and foremost the result of practical and conscious examination. I have been seeking to discover what is happening to myself and others, and why things are the way they are. Progressing in this way, I have carved out a path, together with my teachers – a path that can be followed by anyone wishing to achieve the same results.

The source of genius and supreme powers

To sum up the seven actively applicable qualities of consciousness, I use the term “intellect”. Intellect does not refer to intelligence, IQ, emotions, the mind or memory. Intellect is a tool distinct from all the above; it is characteristic only to humans and has unlimited potential. One of its features is silence. If you practice releasing techniques regularly, it increases the prevalence of consciousness by decreasing the occurrence of automatic reactions. This opens up new possibilities and capacities that you did not previously know even existed.

The AoCC IV course focuses on getting to know and using the intellect – the mightiest tool humans have. Intellect is the sum of the seven qualities of consciousness that can be used actively: awareness, understanding, discernment, concentration, insight, intuition and inspiration. Intellect is beyond mental reason, and the fourth course of AoCC helps you learn how to apply these seven qualities, characteristic of a Human 2.0, to a greater extent.

By the end of the day, you will be able to

  • identify your power of discernment and know how to use it;
  • use your power of concentration to a greater extent;
  • use your ability to process information quickly, when and as required;
  • recognize insight and learn how to use it as a tool;
  • recognize intuition and learn how to use this on demand;
  • recognize what inspiration is, and use it;
  • discover your intention and will, and use them.

As a result of the course you will have more insights, be more efficient in your time-management, become a “sharp cookie,” and a great problem solver. Creativity, innovation and stability will be greatly enhanced in your life.

The content of this course is truly unique in that it is the first and only systematic “manual” of applying consciousness in its active and practical form – as the most powerful tool you possess. The course is therefore highly relevant to everyone wishing to open up their real inner potential.

The fourth course of AoCC consists of one full day and a follow-up day

Participants are required to have completed the courses AoCC I-II and III, and practiced the learned techniques. After the fourth course, it is possible to progress to the final course in the series, AoCC V. Once a year, there is an AoCC reunion held at the Lilleoru Hub in Estonia (EU). Meetings for practitioners who have completed the courses are also held in Russia and the USA.

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“A moment of insight loses its relevance as soon as thinking steps in. Thus, it is primarily thinking that kills insight. Only once a person has mastered their intellect, and maintains a state of consistent insights, can they say that they are truly here and now – in the present moment.”