The second course of the AoCC – releasing emotions

Life without negative emotions and suffering is not only possible but it is the natural state of a human being.

Learn the AoCC to take your skills in emotional intelligence up to a new level of practical mastery.

Unique knowledge that is not well-known in the world as yet: how to actively use consciousness to transform your inner world.

In the Kantar-Emor survey conducted in 2018:

*2/3 of the participants would recommend this course to everyone

*1/4 of the respondents no longer experience negative emotions

*55% of the respondents have a lower level of stress

Release your negativity on your own

You know exactly what kind of emotions have a negative impact on your everyday activities and quality of life: it may be anger, sadness, dissatisfaction, anxiety, envy, loneliness, disappointment, powerlessness, meaninglessness, frustration, humiliation, abandonment, worry, or something else. The lives we live are full of constantly changing minor problems that seem common and temporary, but actually accompany you all of the time. The Art of Conscious Change (AoCC) enables you to release negativity instantly and thus bring more positivity into your life.

Manage your emotions in an intelligent manner

You might have discovered how problematic emotions activate on autopilot, creating repeated suffering. It seems strange, but in our contemporary society there is no inner technology that would help us get rid of these automatically triggered emotions – we try to suppress them, take them out on someone else, ignore them, or contemplate them… to no avail.

Consciousness as a force to carry out change

In mindfulness, consciousness is used for observation. However, applying consciousness in its active form is not well-known in the world to date. AoCC is the next step – a unique technology that enables you to develop these completely new core skills.

By using consciousness in its active form, you can carry out changes in what is called vital body (originating from the word vitality, referring to movement and energy i.e. emotions), and release the automatically triggered emotions at your own will. This allows you to achieve what you have always wanted: to rid yourself of the emotions that cause suffering. Do so in merely a couple of seconds. With permanent results. And in so doing, you can eliminate the underlying reasons for problems, conflicts and obstacles.

By the end of the day, you will be able to use fast, precise and simple techniques in order to:

  • immediately release an emotion that has just activated (a pop-up emotion)
  • release background emotions
  • rid yourself of the emotions related to pain and tensions in the physical body
  • release the suppressed emotions that cause tension in the throat area
  • recover your ability to work, balance and well-being in a second
  • as an added bonus, you will learn a special yogic technique that lets you eliminate fear, forever

What is practiced on the second course?

The course covers: Applying consciousness in its active form, becoming conscious of the vital body, finding emotions, releasing emotions, discovering the relationship between the subject and the object, concentration, and the real will.

Every emotion you have is attachment. Non-attachment means directly becoming aware of the reality (accepting it as it is), followed by releasing (“I am not this”). It is also important to note that releasing automatic emotions is about more than just getting rid of the reactions – it means becoming liberated from the leading role played by the subconscious (ego) and karma.

What will change in your life?

Your ability to work and your energy will be enhanced immensely, and most importantly – consciousness and direct contact with the here and now will dominate, instead of automatic reactions. From the moment you learn to release the automatically triggered emotions, you will regain the ability to be in control of your own life. What will replace the released emotions? Stability, peace of mind, empathy and inner freedom.

If we were to agree that each one of us released our emotions – even if for just one day – we would have a completely new humankind by tomorrow.

The first and the second course are taught together over two consecutive days. The course also includes a follow-up day to correct the techniques. After the course, you will have the chance to participate in the AoCC III, advanced course. After you have completed the AoCC I-II, you will also get the chance to start with Babaji Kriya Yoga. Once a year, there is an AoCC reunion at Lilleoru Education Hub, Estonia (EU). Meetings for the practitioners who have completed AoCC take place in Estonia, Russia and the USA.

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You were not born with any of the emotions you have today. You have subconsciously learned all your emotions from others. This is emotional “heritage”.