The fifth course of ACC – consciousness as the leading force

This life belongs to you, not to your autopilot!

How to continue your activities while being constantly conscious and relying mainly on your intellect?

Human 2.0 is a person who uses their consciousness, lives as their True Self, and leads their life from this position – by being a master of their emotions and thoughts, which no longer surface automatically. The positions have been switched.

Those who passed all five courses also considered the learned techniques to be most practical. (Kantar-Emor survey).

Information, analysis, and taking action

The fifth course of the Art of Conscious Change (AoCC) is focused on transitioning from the old paradigm to the new one. This course covers: how to apply the intellect on a wider scale; how to increase efficiency, achieve more and develop your capacities; how to cope in complicated and completely new situations; and how to advance on the path of inner development.

This course will take your logic of action onto a whole new level – you will learn to act using the qualities consciousness.

By the end of the day, you will be able to:

  • manage information in a conscious way: to gain it, process it, notice key points, and dismiss the irrelevant parts;
  • analyze activities and projects in a conscious manner by using insight, intuition and inspiration;
  • act in a conscious, precise and impeccable manner in order to achieve the best result with the least amount of resources;
  • align all the five “bodies” and the processes that take place on all five levels.

Once a person acts like this, we can say that they have transitioned to a new paradigm.

The fifth course of ACC consists of one full day and a follow-up day.

The participants are required to have completed all the previous courses of AoCC and practiced the learned techniques. Afterwards you can participate in the follow-up program, and everyone who has completed at least AoCC I-II and AoCC II can also start with Babaji Kriya Yoga. Once a year, there is an AoCC reunion held at the Lilleoru Education Hub, Estonia (EU). Regular meetings for practitioners who have graduated from the courses are held in Estonia Russia and the USA.

More: Human 2.0; Babaji Kriya Yoga.

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“God has given humans power to affect nature; to have authority over it. However, this ‘nature’ does not only refer to the physical world. It also means being able to influence your vital body, mental body and the intellect – and this is already a lot more.”